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Justin Green has been recently selected as Co-Chair of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the Boeing 737 MAX 8 lawsuit. Justin is a prominent CNN Aviation Analyst who is featured in dozens of on-air TV news segments. Having authored many influential articles and CLE courses, Justin is seen as an authority on aviation law and is often invited to speak before legal organizations across the country.

In almost all of my cases, a family has lost a loved one. They want answers about what caused the crash and want to make sure that no other family suffers the same fate. They deserve justice and I’m honored when our clients trust me to represent their cause.
~ Justin Green | Partner and Attorney

Justin is a commercially licensed airplane and helicopter pilot; he is instrument-rated and has flight time in many different airplanes and helicopters.

Justin learned to fly in the United States Marine Corps and served as his squadron's aviation safety officer after graduating from the Naval Postgraduate School's Aviation Safety Program.

After serving in the military, Justin earned his law degree from Fordham University School of Law in New York City. His flight experience greatly contributes to his success representing families in major aviation cases. While Justin focuses his practice on airplane and helicopter accidents, his legal work also includes personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from other types of transportation accidents. 

Partner Justin Green discusses Boeing 737 MAX 8 with CNN Anchor Ana Cabrera.
Partner Justin Green's op-ed piece on CNN: How the FAA Must Step Up to Protect Americans.

Justin’s prominent aviation cases include Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 (Boeing 737 MAX 8), Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco, Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 and the Continental Connection Flight 3407 crash near Buffalo, New York. As a licensed commercial pilot, Justin brings first-hand knowledge to his cases. He has been involved extensively with litigation related to the terrorist attacks of September 11th and has successfully represented the families of passengers lost as a result of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Justin provides his insight and experience as one of the annual editors of the preeminent publication on the subject, Aviation Accident Law (Kreindler, Lexis/Nexis). Additionally, Justin frequently authors articles explaining legal issues surrounding aviation accidents and precedent-setting cases. In his article Recent Developments Relating to GARA, Justin notes an important concept that the General Aviation Revitalization Act “is not an insurmountable defense and it is in the public interest to hold manufacturers responsible for dangerous products. It is particularly in the public interest to bring to light any misrepresentations that a manufacturer made to the FAA. Unfortunately, plaintiffs’ lawyers are often the only ones willing or able to shed light on this corporate malfeasance.”

Justin is a Past President of the International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association (IATSBA) and is Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Torts and Insurance Practice’s (TIPS) Aviation Section. His past posts also include Chair of the Aviation Section of the American Association for Justice (AAJ). 

Justin’s outside activities include an active role as a board member of the Kid’s Club of Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow, which supports children in need. He also supports the Semper Fi Fund, which provides financial support for injured members of our military and their families, and the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships to military children.

Justin In the media

Kreindler attorney Justin Green on Boeing 737 MAX crash with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin

CNN Aviation Analyst and Kreindler airplane accident lawyer Justin Green discusses new revelations about cockpit communication between the pilot of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and air traffic control. The Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashed minutes after takeoff on March 10, 2019.

Partner Justin Green in Reuters regarding Boeing to deliver reports to U.S. regulators

Kreindler aviation attorney Justin Green is quoted in a Reuters article regarding the move to obtain key Boeing documents on behalf of the Boeing 737 MAX Ethiopian crash families.

Kreindler attorney Justin Green discusses Boeing 737 MAX with CNN anchor Ana Cabrera

Aviation attorney, and former U.S. Marine attack helicopter pilot, Justin Green talks with CNN's Ana Cabrera about the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts and the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

Attorney Justin Green offers insights on two Boeing 737 MAX crashes in the Everett Herald

Today’s new models of commercial jets are complex machines, and not allowing enough training for pilots can have catastrophic results. Aviation attorney Green charges that this was the case when Boeing minimized the need for training in order to move forward on sales.

Attorney Justin Green in the New York Times' podcast The Origins of Boeing's 737 MAX Crisis

The Daily podcast featured two archived recordings of Kreindler partner and aviation analyst Justin Green covering the issues surrounding the crashes of Boeing's 737 MAX 8.

Attorney Justin Green on the Kobe Bryant Sikorsky crash on CNN

Kreindler aviation attorney and former U.S. Marine helicopter pilot Justin Green discusses the tragic crash of the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter near Los Angeles, CA on January 26, 2020 with CNN anchors Alisyn Camerota and Jim Sciutto. Former NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others were killed as a result of the crash.

Attorneys Steven Pounian and Justin Green author article on federal preemption in aviation cases by Kreindler

Mr. Pounian and Mr. Green offer their perspective on how a Third Circuit court decision on preemption “dramatically shifted the landscape.”

Aviation attorney Justin Green talks about Southwest Flight 1380 on HLN

Aviation attorney and former U.S. Marine Corps pilot, Justin Green, speaks to HLN's Carol Costello about the engine failure on a Southwest Airlines plane. Tragically, passenger Jennifer Riordan was killed as a result of a mid-air engine failure on April 17, 2018.

Aviation attorney partner Justin Green discusses vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in USA Today

Interest in the 2014 tragedy has been reignited by the discovery of an airplane tail piece. Green is representing 20 families in the case and advocates for them in this article.

Kreindler partner Justin Green on Anderson Cooper 360

Aviation Attorney Justin Green talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper about legal issues surrounding Germanwings Flight 9525.

Former military helicopter pilot Justin Green reveals risks of NYC tourism flights

A helicopter tour of New York City surely offers a unique view, but also carries unique risks that tourists may not be aware of. Here, attorney Green talks about the economics.

Kreindler partner Justin Green interviewed on FOX News about families of MH370 victims

“The families have put their lives on hold,” says Green. “They’ve been holding out hope for a miracle.” That hopeful miracle seems to have slipped away after a piece of wreckage was discovered, seemingly confirming the sad fate of their lost loved ones.

How the FAA must step up to protect Americans

Partner Justin Green's op-ed piece on CNN.com discusses two fatal crashes involving Boeing MAX 8 737 airplanes and the role the FAA may have played in these tragedies. The aftermath of these accidents has resulted in new scrutiny of the interests of Boeing's stakeholders.

In CNBC interview, partner Justin Green discusses plaintiff challenges in crash of Lufthansa-Subsidiary flight

“If a family has $5 million worth of damages, and the airline proves that it’s not at fault, then the airline only has to pay about $160,000,” says Green. Since the co-pilot caused the crash intentionally, there’s also a question concerning criminal liability versus accident liability.

Kreindler Attorney Justin Green Weighs in on Pilot-Age Debate in CNN Article

A CNN article discusses a December 2007 law which changed the retirement age from 60 to 65 for certain pilots.

In the Chicago Tribune, Kreindler partner Justin Green discusses possible causes of Kobe Byrant crash

As the country struggles to understand what happened to the respected sports hero, Justin Green is sought out to offer some perspective. Green is a former U.S. Marine helicopter pilot and is often the news media’s go-to expert on aviation crashes.

Kreindler partner and aviation attorney Justin Green on the future of aviation safety

Kreindler partner Justin Green explores the issue of aviation preemption and discusses details regarding Avco Corp. v. Sikkelee.

In USA Today, aviation attorney Justin Green discusses declaration that Flight 370 disappearance was an accident

Kreindler attorney Justin Green, who is representing many of the victims' family members, takes exception with the method and timing of Malaysian government’s announcement.

Kreindler partner and attorney Justin Green on Sikorsky NTSB report with CNN's Brooke Baldwin

Kreindler Law partner and former USMC helicopter pilot Justin Green discusses the crash that killed basketball star Kobe Bryant with CNN's Brooke Baldwin. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released their preliminary report on the crash of the Sikorsky SM76B helicopter that occurred near Calabasas, CA on January 26, 2020.

Attorney Justin Green weighs in on film production helicopter accident in Colombia

A number of factors apparently were involved in the 2015 crash which occurred during the filming of the movie American Made. This was the second wrongful death suit filed for the movie.

Aviation Attorney Justin Green Discusses Nepal Plane Crash on CNN

Kreindler partner and aviation attorney Justin Green appeared on CNN International Desk with anchor Lynda Kinkade to speak about an airplane crash in Nepal.

Kreindler partner Justin Green discusses "Doors-off" helicopter rides in the NY Post

Green, a former U.S. Marine helicopter pilot, was sought for a quote about legal and safety issues pertaining to New York City's controversial sightseeing rides. While these issues await resolution, customers who paid in advance for their tours are stuck in the middle.

Kreindler partner Justin Green on CNN talking about the crash of Germanwings 9525

Aviation attorney and CNN analyst Justin Green explains the locking door mechanism aboard Germanwings Flight 9525.

Kreindler partner Justin Green talks about how to disagree with an airline crew when you know you’re right

In this article posted on Slate.com, the question is posed: What should you do if a flight attendant tells you to put your dog in an overhead bin? Aviation attorney Justin Green Weighs in.

Kreindler partners Justin Green and Marc Moller on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on PIX11 News

Justin Green and Marc Moller, considered experts in the field of aviation law and disasters, are two attorneys with Kreindler who are handling cases for some of the families of those who were aboard the lost airplane.

Partner Justin Green explains the difficult position of families after disappearance of Boeing airliner

Debris that washed ashore may well be from the lost jet, but Green points out how difficult it is for families of lost passengers to accept what happened and begin to move on.

Partner Justin Green quoted in Reuters news story about complexities of shot-down airliner case

Green notes that the cooperation of governments will be necessary to get to the bottom of this tragic case involving a Ukranian Airlines flight shot down by Iranian forces and provide justice to the families of those lost.

Partner Justin Green talks about Southwest Jet engine failure on CNN

Among other points, Green mentions previous problems with the same plane and the same airline. “You can’t speculate … but they haven’t drilled down on the last accident,” he says to host Brooke Baldwin. “It’s time for the investigators to go to work.”

Aviation attorney Justin Green weighs in on Ethiopian airlines crash in Spiegel International

The Boeing 737 may be the most successful commercial jet ever produced. But when a second fatal accident occurred in five months, a German publication published an in-depth story. For expert opinion and insight, they turned to Kreindler attorneys Justin Green and Marc Moller. "It was Boeing's board that approved the Boeing 737 Max project," said Green.

Aviation attorney Marc Moller notes the connection between two Boeing Max crashes

The crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 triggered an analysis by Mr. Moller and Kreindler Partner Justin Green as they take a closer look at the Boeing 737 Max.

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  • Co-Chair, Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee, Boeing 737 MAX 8 Litigation
  • President, International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association
  • Co-Chair, AAJ Veterans and Military Services Committee
  • Vice-Chair, American Bar Association’s Torts and Insurance Practice’s Aviation Section
  • Vice-Chair, American Bar Association: Aviation and Space Law General Committee
  • Chairman, American Association of Justice's Aviation Security Section
  • Member, Aeronautics Committee, New York City Bar Association
  • Member, Aviation Law and Insurance Symposium
  • Past Vice-Chair, ABA Aviation and Space Law General Committee
  • Past Chair, AAJ Aviation Section
  • Panelist, Update on Products Liability Cases and a Case Study on Major Accident Litigation: Plaintiff and Defendant Strategies, 12th Annual McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability, Insurance & Finance, 2019, Montreal, Canada
  • Moderator, Federal Preemption Panel, 2018 International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association Conference: Air and Transport Law Conference, Washington, DC
  • Panelist, Investigating, Prosecuting and Defending Military-Civilian Aviation Accident Cases, 2018 AViCON Conference, Stevensville, MD
  • Speaker, Retiring Forum Non Conveniens, 2018 AAJ Conference, Denver, CO
  • Speaker, Terrorism Lawsuits in Action: An Interactive Oral Argument on Recent Jurisdictional Developments, 2017 ABA Aviation Litigation Committee Meeting, Washington, DC
  • Panelist, Conducting Written Discovery and Depositions Against Foreign Bad Actors, 2017 AAJ Annual Convention: Aviation Agenda CLE/Meeting, Boston, MA
  • Vice Chair, Program Co-Chair, Panelist, 2016 American Bar Association Aviation and Space Law General Program: Mediation Advocacy, Washington, DC
  • Speaker, TIPS From Cockpit to Courtroom, 2016 American Bar Association Aviation and Space Law Committee, Washington, DC
  • Speaker, Pilot Depression and Suicide - How to Improve Aviation Safety in the Wake of GermanWings, 2016 AViCON - Aviation Insurance Conference, RTI World Headquarters and Research Centre, Stevensville, MD
  • Moderator, Defending Military Contractors Against War Zone Tort Actions, 2016 American Bar Association 22nd Annual National Institute on Aviation Litigation, New York, NY
  • Speaker, 2016 International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association Conference, Washington, DC
  • Moderator, The Future of Federal Preemption in Aviation 2015 Aviation and Space Law program: Litigation Fundamental in Modern Times, Washington, DC
  • Speaker, Litigation Fundamentals in Modern Times, 2015 American Bar Association: Aviation and Space Law Litigation Program, Washington, DC
  • Speaker, 2014 International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association Conference, New York, NY
  • Speaker, Preemption and Punitive Damages - The Colgan Flight 3407 Buffalo Crash, 23rd Annual Aviation Law and Insurance Symposium 2012, Orlando, FL
  • Speaker, 2011 Aviation Litigation CLE Seminar, New York, NY
  • Speaker, The Power of Demonstrative Evidence, 2010 Beaumont Conference, London, England
  • Speaker, 2008 American Bar Association: Aviation and Space Law Litigation National Program, Washington, DC
  • Panelist, Preemption: Is There Anything Left to Argue About?, 2008 American Bar Association, Aviation and Space Law Litigation National Program in Washington, DC
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