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Photo of a family on all terrain vehicles coming out of a forest in Costa Rica.

Travel & Tourism Accident Lawyers

Kreindler & Kreindler Handles Cross-Border Cases Abroad and Within the United States

*Kreindler attorneys are closely following the tragic crash on Saturday, August 13, 2022 of a Cessna 207A airplane that plunged into Lake Powell, a large, man-made reservoir which spans the Arizona and Utah border. Based on news reports, the sightseeing tour plane included 6 tourists from France, and the pilot.

When someone is seriously injured or killed overseas, the victim or their family is unlikely to know their rights, local laws, or where to turn. Likewise, foreigners who are injured or killed while visiting the United States will also face legal obstacles prior to pursuing compensation and justice. Kreindler has likely represented more clients involved in cross-border cases than any other law firm in the United States.  

As private, international travel, and tourism personal injury lawyers, Kreindler attorneys are relentless in getting liable parties to compensate those impacted.

International Reach, Resources and Reputation 

Challenging major airlines, tour operators and others who may be guilty of negligence.

Kreindler Experience Throughout the World

Truly an international practice, Kreindler’s 70 years of legal practice has included injuries, plaintiffs, defendants, cases, and litigation involving over 50 different countries. Our firm is experienced in cross-border legal issues, both procedural and substantive, and our work routinely navigates international law challenges such as forum non conveniens, personal jurisdiction, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, parallel proceedings, and enforcing judgments.

Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Côte dIvoire, Dominican Republic, England, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guam, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Niger, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Sumatra, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, United States, Venezuela

In addition to having had a case in every state in the United States, Kreindler attorneys have worked on cases throughout South and Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

We stay on top of emerging international legal issues through conferences, ongoing case law review, and our active role in the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL).

No other law firm in the United States has handled more cases on behalf of people killed or seriously injured while traveling around the world than Kreindler.

Compassionate Professionals With World-Wide Resources

Being involved in an accident is troubling enough. When it happens so far from home, a vacation or business trip quickly turns into chaos and uncertainty. However, after discussing your situation with a Kreindler attorney, the information, insight, and guidance you receive will let you know you’re in good hands.

The Kreindler team is supplemented by a network of top attorneys and investigators around the world, who can respond quickly to a crisis, who know local laws and procedures, and who can represent victims in areas where jurisdictional issues make it necessary. 

StudentCity staff drove the girls to the SS Sea Star, an overcrowded catamaran; staff did not accompany them on board as was arranged

Kreindler in the Media

Kreindler settled a wrongful death claim in a fatal accident involving a high-school senior who was on a student-based snorkeling trip in Cancun, Mexico. Also represented was her friend, who almost drowned after the boat they were on began to sink. While there were several legal obstacles to overcome in this case, including a release from negligence claims signed by the victim and independent third-party operators, Kreindler’s innovative pursuit of justice resulted in StudentCity agreeing to settle the victims’ claims.  

Photo of a headshot of partner Anthony Tarricone.
We fully understand and appreciate the awesome responsibility of representing victims of international disasters and since 1950 have developed unique partnerships throughout the world with top law firms in many different countries.
~ Anthony Tarricone | Partner and Attorney

Kreindler Litigates Serious Accident Cases Involving Cross-Border & International Injuries and Death

Cross-Border accidents include those involving:

  • Recreational tourist activities like cycling, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skis and driving all terrain vehicles (ATV).
  • Traveling on cruise ships, pleasure boats, day cruises, yachts, pontoon boats and fishing expeditions
  • Common transportation such as accidents involving automobiles, buses, trains, subways, trucks, rideshare transportation like Uber and Lyft vehicles, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents. In Europe, these type of transportation accidents are often referred to as RTA - Road Traffic Accidents
  • Airplane, tour plane, seaplane, and helicopter accidents

Sightseeing and tour operator cases frequently present challenges like:

  • Waivers of Liability
  • Arbitration Clauses

Kreindler is experienced at overcoming challenges presented by defendants who may claim to be exempt from liability.

The Specialized Law Firm That Other Attorneys Turn To

When an accident has occurred abroad, law firms in the U.S. and elsewhere often refer to or partner with Kreindler attorneys who have the required experience and resources to prosecute an international case. Their team trusts our team to care for their clients, untangle the international legal complexities, and work aggressively to obtain maximum recovery.

Kreindler attorneys have handled countless cross-border legal issues, disputes, trials, settlement negotiations, and judgment enforcement actions in over 50 countries including Australia, The Bahamas, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Mexico, Norway and the United Kingdom. Few other firms have worked through so many international law challenges, both procedural and substantive, on behalf of Americans and foreign nationals.

While some referring attorneys remain significantly involved in a case, others are less involved in the investigation and litigation. Participation in each case varies with the case’s requirements.

The fee-sharing arrangement between firms varies and is typically established prior to beginning work on the case. 

Leveraging Our International Network of Relationships

Kreindler clients also enjoy the benefits of our firm’s unmatched working relationships with leading attorneys in numerous other countries across the globe.

We strive to work with professionals in other counties to minimize language, cultural, and legal barriers while optimizing our likelihood of successfully litigating a case in a foreign country.

Injury Attorneys Knowledgeable in International Law

Kreindler partner Anthony Tarricone has presented international litigation strategy and education sessions throughout the world:

  • Obtaining Evidence From U.S. Citizens for Use in Foreign Proceedings, PEOPIL Conference, Paris, France
  • Taking Foreign Depositions in U.S. Litigation, AAJ, Denver, CO
  • American Civil Justice: Claim Culture or Meaningful Access to Justice, Madrid, Spain
  • Assessing U.S. Documents for Your Case, AAJ
  • American Civil Justice Claims Culture or Brilliant Symmetry? PEOPIL Conference, Berlin, Germany
  • Ethical Issues from an International Perspective, AAJ International Practice Section CLE
  • Challenges in Handling Cross Border Cases, AAJ International Practice Section CLE
  • Claims Culture American Injury and Death Law, Dutch Bar Association, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Strategies & Collaboration in International Mass Tort Cases, AAJ
  • Global Issues Affecting Access to Justice AAJ, Promoting Civil Justice for the People
  • Communications and Media in Litigation, AAJ International Practice Section CLE
Kreindler Partners and Former Military Pilots (L-R): Justin Green, Brian Alexander, and Dan Rose

Who knows more about aviation law than attorneys who are also licensed, commercial pilots?

Kreindler Partners and Former Military Pilots (L-R):
Justin Green (USMC)
Brian Alexander (U.S. Army)
Dan Rose (U.S. Navy)

Americans and in some cases foreign citizens, seeking legal relief related to plane crashes, boating accidents, tourist activities, and travel-related injuries will find it advantageous to litigate their claims in United States courts whenever possible.

Under the law, the location of the country where the accident occurred is only one of many factors our attorneys will consider when forming a legal strategy regarding potential venues for an international accident lawsuit.

At Kreindler, our partners and lawyers are skilled at resolving the jurisdictional issues that can complicate being able to keep cases in the U.S. where court procedures, evidentiary rules, and the law of damages can often be favorable to the plaintiff. However, principles of international law can still be applied by American courts where necessary or advantageous to our clients’ claims.

Important Legal Concepts in International Aviation Accident Law

We invite you to learn more about legal concepts in Aviation Accident Law in our extensive online library located in the Kreindler Legal Library.

Experience Representing Families From Countries Across the Globe

Kreindler has been successful in bringing the claims of foreign families and international air crash victims before the courts in the United States, despite defendants’ efforts to transfer cases to less favorable jurisdictions in other countries.

If you have been involved in an accident that occurred on a flight that was part of an international itinerary, whether the accident occurred in the United States or not, we recommend that you seek legal counsel promptly to learn about your rights overseas.

Referring Counsel: Let’s Discuss Your Client’s Case

Lawyers unfamiliar with the complex challenges of travel and tourism accident law may miss key issues, and therefore opportunities to secure and maximize compensation. We have the resources to dig deep and challenge even large international companies in court.

Call 800-331-2782 or contact us through our website to learn more.

Aviation Accident Law Books

We wrote the book

Kreindler has literally written the book on aviation accident law. Our partners have authored numerous highly acclaimed books, articles and treatises, including the leading treatise in the aviation litigation field, Aviation Accident Law.

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Call on Our Experience

Kreindler’s experience covers not only accidents in travel and tourism but air crashes, boating disasters, recreational vehicle mishaps, as well as mass tort, product injury, and complex personal injury. Kreindler is one of the largest and most distinguished aviation accident law firms in the world. Since 1950, our attorneys have served as leading counsel in nearly every major commercial aviation disaster litigation. Our staff of attorneys includes pilots, engineers, and a former aviation maintenance specialist.  Our partners have authored numerous highly acclaimed books, articles, and treatises on aviation litigation.