Attorney Referral

Most of Our Cases are Referred to Us by Attorneys Like You

Kreindler & Kreindler is a national law firm with offices in New YorkBoston and Los Angeles. We are proud of the close professional relationships we have established with attorneys at many law firms throughout the world. Our practice is built on referrals from other lawyers who rely on us for our experience in aviation litigation and other complex tort cases. Kreindler is able to put in the resources necessary for winning cases where the defense is led by extremely well-funded, knowledgeable law firms. We are also frequently asked to step into complex cases as trial counsel or as special appellate counsel.

National Law Firm Welcoming Attorney Referrals

Regardless of how or why a case comes to Kreindler, we are committed to delivering the largest possible recovery with the highest degree of:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Quality legal work 
  • Compassion for our clients

We recognize that some referring attorneys prefer to remain significantly involved in a case while others are more comfortable putting their trust in our abilities and letting us take the lead. The participation level of the referring attorney might also need to be determined by the requirements of the case. Ultimately, the partnerships with other firms is established in the way that best serves our shared clients.

In every case referred to Kreindler, the attorneys’ fees are shared with the referring co-counsel. The fee-sharing arrangement is agreed upon at the onset of the case. Contact Kreindler to learn more about partnering with us to determine how to best serve your clients.

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