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We Help Workers Get the Compensation They Deserve

Kreindler & Kreindler has more than 70 years of experience handling complex personal injury claims due to an accident in the workplace. Workers’ compensation benefits are often not enough to help an injured worker or their family with a serious or fatal work-related accident claim. 

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We use our knowledge and experience to focus on determining the best course of action to obtain the largest recovery for our clients.
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Essentially, our system of workers’ compensation insurance was created to first give the employer immunity from a lawsuit, and second give the injured employee a relatively quick, predictable no-fault compensation benefit. Unfortunately, this broad but limited compensation plan is not sufficient for all workplace accident claims, and some cases demand aggressive advocacy on behalf of the injured worker. If there is a third party that contributed to the workplace or construction injury, they may be held liable in court. This includes general contractors and building owners who hire sub-contractors who are injured during the course of their work, as well as equipment manufacturers who may cause injury. In the state of New York, it also includes special laws under Labor Law 240 known as the “scaffolding law” that is designed to compensate workers who are hurt from a fall from an elevation or who had an object fall on them from an elevation.

Workplace Injury Claim Attorneys With a National Focus

Kreindler’s construction and workplace accident attorneys are committed to helping our clients secure compensation above and beyond workers’ compensation, especially if a third party such as a manufacturer or contractor played a part in causing the accident. 

Our legal team consults industry-leading experts, including engineers, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) experts, and other safety experts, to understand if any industry regulations were overlooked, which put you and your coworkers at great risk. As part of our investigative efforts, we will interview anyone who witnessed the workplace accident to substantiate the cause further. All of our workplace accident claims are prepared with enough evidence to prove fault at trial. Insurance adjusters often make large settlement offers for any medical-related expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering to avoid going up against us in a trial.

New York Law of Torts

Kreindler's New York Law of Torts Treatise

Kreindler has literally written the book on New York tort law. Our partners wrote and edit this well-regarded industry treatise in which veteran litigators from Kreindler analyze torts involving individuals, companies, joint tortfeasors, family members, and government.

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Handling a Wide Range of Workplace Injuries

We have decades of experience helping injured workers maximize their sources of financial recovery. If necessary, we pursue third-party civil lawsuits when a party outside of the employer can be held responsible for causing the workplace accident, such as:

  • Construction accidents, including ladder accidents
  • Manufacturing accidents
  • Scaffolding, or New York Labor Law Section 240(1)

OSHA, the federal agency that mandates safety requirements and tracks worker injuries and deaths across the U.S., recognizes the “fatal four” construction accidents in the U.S.:

  • Falls (39.2%)
  • Struck by an object (8.2%)
  • Electrocutions (7.3%)
  • Caught-in/between (caught or crushed by equipment, structures, or materials) 5.1%

A Focus on Workplace Injury Claims

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Kreindler’s New York Law of Torts (Vols. 14-16)

Countless rules, regulations, standards, and procedures exist to help make construction sites and work zones safer. Still, all construction areas are hazardous, and when a worker is killed or seriously injured, workers’ compensation benefits may not be sufficient, and it may be necessary for an attorney to investigate the facts surrounding the claim. When an accident does happen, whether, through negligence or product failure, Kreindler attorneys are dedicated to finding the cause, proving claims, and securing commensurate settlements to help victims and their families.

Our connections with OSHA experts and other industry and medical professionals allow each case to be thoroughly prepared and irrefutably presented. In fact, a defendant may choose to offer a settlement to avoid a trial. 

Changing Laws, Helping Victims

In the landmark case of Cohade v Qual-Craft Industries, our arguments convinced the Connecticut Supreme Court to reverse its stance on a longstanding manufacturer liability ruling, and ultimately, we secured an unprecedented $2.3 million verdict for our clients.

The Court affirmed the $2.3 million dollar verdict and made clear that the manufacturer of the roof bracket could not seek contribution from the plaintiffs’ employer.

Referring Counsel: Let’s Discuss Your Client’s Case 

Kreindler regularly partners with attorneys who already have a relationship with the victim or their family. If there is an award we share our fee while allowing referring attorneys to be as involved as is appropriate. 

Lawyers unfamiliar with the complex challenges of workplace and construction injury law may miss key issues, and therefore opportunities to secure and maximize compensation. We have the resources to dig deep and challenge even large international companies in court. 

Experienced Workplace & Construction Injury Claim Attorneys

Our Kreindler team of trial attorneys has decades of experience navigating the complexities of construction and workplace injury law. 

Kreindler Attorneys Here to Answer Your Questions

Kreindler attorneys are dedicated to investigating the cause of construction and workplace accidents (such as ladder falls, scaffolding issues, electrical shocks, machinery, crane, and forklift mishaps) that cause serious injury or death and will fight for justice to hold responsible parties accountable. 

Since 1950, our attorneys have served as leading counsel in nearly every major commercial aviation disaster litigation. Kreindler is one of the most highly regarded personal injury law firms in the country concerning these types of complex wrongful death claims. Our attorneys and partners have litigated numerous construction and workplace cases in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and elsewhere. 

Having helped so many others, we have the experience to understand and address the impact a workplace or construction injury can have on your family and your life. Sadly, what has been done cannot be undone. However, we are here to help you achieve a sense of closure, justice, and financial security to help you move on following a tragedy. 

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