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Kreindler Retained by Families of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302

On behalf of the families that Kreindler represents, and as leading aviation safety advocates, the firm will vigorously pursue legal claims against Boeing and others who are responsible for this tragic and preventable crash which took the lives of 157 people.

For the second time in less than five months, a brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed after reportedly encountering abnormalities with its airspeed shortly after takeoff. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 scheduled from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Nairobi, Kenya crashed 6 minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people on the aircraft.

The families of victims are urged not to accept any preliminary offer of compensation presented to them by Ethiopian Airlines, since families who accept the airline’s initial offer may very well be prohibited from filing any subsequent legal actions against it, and perhaps even Boeing.

Kreindler & Kreindler LLP offers to review correspondence and compensation offers from Ethiopian Airlines or their insurer to family members of crash victims at no charge and with no obligation. We will review the documents and correspondence and provide our legal advice to the family or their representative, free at no charge.

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Turkish Airlines Prepares for Legal Claims Related to Turbulence

Kreindler is closely monitoring the investigation into the turbulence event that occurred on board Turkish Airways Flight TK-1 on Saturday, March 9th. The regularly-scheduled flight from Istanbul, Turkey, to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York encountered sudden, severe turbulence as the Boeing 777 aircraft flew just north of Boston approximately 40 minutes prior to landing. Passengers were violently thrown about the cabin and launched into the aircraft’s ceiling.  At least 29 were reported to have sustained injuries that included lacerations and fractures, and 10 were said to have been taken to hospitals after landing.

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Kreindler Investigates Tragic Atlas/Amazon Cargo Plane Crash in Texas

Kreindler is investigating the tragic crash of Atlas Air Flight 3591, a Boeing 767-300BDSF (operating for Amazon Air) which crashed on Saturday, February 23, 2019 on approach to its destination, George Bush International Airport in Houston. The plane was operating a regularly scheduled flight from Miami to Houston, when it suddenly plunged into Trinity Bay, near Anahuac, Texas, approximately 30 miles southeast of the airport.

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Young Pianist Seriously Injured in Boston Building Collapse

22-year-old Sonya Bandouil was seriously injured as she and her boyfriend walked along Harvard Street in Allston—an area of Boston popular with college students and young people—when the concrete top of a one-story building facade collapsed and buried her under large, heavy chunks of concrete. As Kreindler  continues our intensive investigation into the cause of the Common Ground façade collapse, we are also studying the broader issue of aging, failing and dangerous concrete facades and parapets.

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September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Partner Noah Kushlefsky leads the largest team of legal professionals dedicated exclusively to representing clients in the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of any law firm in the world. Kreindler has been handling claims since the original VCF opened in December 2001. To-date, we've recovered more than 2.5 billion dollars on behalf of our clients for 9/11 related claims.

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Lion Air Crash Initial Data Implicates Pitot-Static System
On October 29, 2018, Lion Air Flight 610 crashed 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia into the Java Sea. 189 people were onboard the Indonesian airline's aircraft and all are presumed dead. The plane was a new Boeing 737 MAX 8, and was delivered to Lion Air less than 3 months prior to the crash. Pilots began experiencing trouble almost immediately after takeoff and early reports from Indonesian safety investigators indicate that each of the four previous flights of the crashed plane had problems with the airplane’s airspeed. This may implicate the pitot-static system. Errors in the pitot-static system can be extremely dangerous and can cause the pilot to receive unreliable altitude and airspeed information (among other information) and lead to disaster.

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9/11 Saudi Arabia Terror Case - FBI to Produce Documents

The Dept. of Justice has agreed to have the FBI begin producing formerly classified documents, including some that plaintiffs have requested. There will be three "tranches" of document production, with the final group of documents expected in January 2019.

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