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Southwest Airlines Catastrophic Engine Failure in Mid-Flight
Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, a scheduled flight from New York to Dallas suffered a catastrophic  engine failure on Tuesday morning.  Preliminary investigation revealed that the airplane’s left engine suffered a turbofan blade failure, which severely damaged the engine, the leading edge of the wing and then penetrated the fuselage, including a cabin window. Tragically, a passenger seated near the window lost her life.
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Update - 4/20 FAA issues Emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) to owners and operators of Model CFM56-7B engines regarding ultrasonic inspection for cracks in fan blade assembly.

Liberty Helicopters Crash in NYC's East River - 5 dead
Kreindler is closely monitoring the ongoing investigation into the deadly helicopter crash that killed 5 sightseers in New York City's East River on Sunday night.
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Papillon Helicopter Crash Investigation Will Look at Fuel System
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the February 10, 2018 crash of a Papillon Airways Eurocopter EC-130 sight-seeing helicopter in the Grand Canyon. The investigation will focus on the pilot’s actions, the flight conditions, including winds, and the NTSB will closely examine the helicopter’s fuel system. The helicopter’s manufacturer did not design the helicopter with a crash-resistant fuel system . . .
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Amtrak Crash Investigation May Focus on Switch
NTSB officials are reportedly looking into why a railroad switch was set in the wrong position which directed a New York-to-Miami bound Amtrak train onto a side track where it crashed into an empty freight train killing the conductor and the engineer and injuring more than 50 passengers.
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9/11 Lawsuit vs. Saudi Arabia in Court 
“We’re coming here for justice,” Kreindler attorney Steven R. Pounian told reporters on January 18, 2018. Later that morning U.S. District Court Judge George B. Daniels listened to oral argument in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's motion to dismiss our lawsuit holding them accountable for sponsoring the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
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How to Check the Safety of a Charter Airline
Partner Brian Alexander is quoted in a recent New York Times article by aviation writer Christine Negroni following the tragic Nature Air crash in Costa Rica. "People believe air operators are totally checked out . . ."
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