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*Kreindler attorneys are closely following the tragic crash on Saturday, August 13, 2022 of a Cessna 207A airplane that plunged into Lake Powell, a large, man-made reservoir which spans the Arizona and Utah border. Based on news reports, the sightseeing tour plane included 6 tourists from France, and the pilot.

When you board a helicopter or airplane for a sightseeing tour, you have a right to feel safe. However, such flights can be subject to underlying hazards.

Kreindler aviation accident attorneys have extensive experience in sightseeing aircraft accidents. We prepare all aspects of the liability and damages case to determine the cause of the accident, identify responsible entities, and obtain an outstanding compensatory award for our clients.

Sightseeing aircraft include:

  • Floatplanes 
  • Seaplanes*
  • Helicopters
  • 2-Seater Aircraft
  • Lighter-than-Air Craft

*While the terms “floatplanes” and “seaplanes” are used interchangeably by some, technically, they have different meanings. A floatplane is an amphibious aircraft that can take off and land on conventional runways, water, and even on skis for snow and ice. A true seaplane can only take off and land on water.

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We do not accept anything at face value and will do whatever it takes to obtain the best results for our clients. That includes traveling the globe, questioning authority, and investing the time, money and expertise necessary to uncover the truth and win.
~ Brian Alexander | Kreindler Partner and Attorney

Blue Hawaiian Sightseeing Helicopter Crash

While taking a helicopter tour of the Hawaiian Islands can be awe-inspiring, the risks oftentimes prove to be tragic. Many issues including weather, pilot error, and terrain can cause an otherwise magical sightseeing tour to turn disastrous. In Sheppard v. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, we represented a New Jersey family killed in an AS350 helicopter crash attributed to the pilot’s loss of situational awareness.

Kreindler in the Media

Kreindler partner Brian Alexander weighs in on New York City tour helicopter crash
Aviation attorney and Kreindler partner Justin Green on deadly Liberty crash in East River

Bell Heli-Ski Crash in Nevada

Many sightseeing and tour helicopter accidents occur because of dangers associated with the very terrain being visited. We brought a very successful, confidential settlement on behalf of the family of Frank Wells, the president of Disney, who was killed in a Bell 206B3 Heli-Ski crash in Nevada. As part of Wells v. Bell, et al, Kreindler brought successful claims against the operator of the aircraft for the pilot’s negligent operation and against the manufacturer for improper warnings and defects which caused a loss of engine power due to the ingestion of supercooled water pellets

Included in our Sightseeing Tour Aircraft exemplar accident case list are:

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash

Flying tour helicopters in the Grand Canyon can prove to be extremely dangerous. Factors from strong winds and crowded airspace to rocky terrain and remote location add to the perilous aspects of flying in the canyon. Additionally, the human error elements of helicopter accidents include improper maintenance, miscalculations, and defective products. In the Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter crash, we successfully represented three families when a Eurocopter AS350B2 crashed as a result of pilot error and a hydraulic system failure.

East River Liberty “Doors Off” Flynyon Helicopter Accident

Kreindler aviation accident attorneys successfully represented the families of two victims in the tragic Liberty helicopter FLYNYON tour crash on New York City’s East River. The Eurocopter AS350B2 helicopter flew with its “doors off” during a sight-seeing flight over and around New York Harbor and Manhattan. The tour group members were encouraged to dangle their feet out of the helicopter to take “shoe selfies” that they could post on social media.

Sightseeing Plane Crash in Alaska

Partner Anthony Tarricone has successfully prosecuted many sightseeing accident cases, including the case of Vetrano v. Teledyne Industries, Inc., et al., U.S. District Court, No. A98-0352, which settled before trial. The Vetrano case involved a sightseeing airplane that crashed in Alaska. As with many accidents in the sightseeing tour industry, this case focused on liability and insurance issues.

Seaplane Crash in Costa Rica

Kreindler partners Brian Alexander and Noah Kushlefsky successfully represented two families in a lawsuit arising from a seaplane crash in Costa Rica.

Partner Brian Alexander on sightseeing tour accidents

While Costa Rican investigators cited pilot error as the sole cause of the crash, our attorneys were suspicious of the probable cause, in particular because of the engine manufacturer taking a significant role in the investigation. A team of Kreindler attorneys and experts flew to Costa Rica to conduct an inspection of the wreckage once it was retrieved from the ocean floor. With the help of U.S. engine experts and an expert metallurgist, our attorneys discovered that a pre-impact power turbine blade failure contributed to the crash. This finding drastically changed the theory of liability and dramatically enhanced the financial recovery for our clients. 

A photo headshot of partner Justin Green.
All these airplanes are flying 1,000 feet or lower, and a lot of the pilots are up there to see the sights, so they may not be seeing and avoiding things as they should be.
~ Justin Green | Kreindler Partner and Attorney

Hudson River Eurocopter & Piper Mid-Air Collision

In Clarke v. USA, we successfully represented the family of one of the victims from a mid-air collision that occurred when a Liberty Helicopter Tours Eurocopter AS350 helicopter was struck from behind by a Piper PA32 airplane over the VFR Corridor.  Visibility, pilot awareness, and communication were central issues in the case.

The "Hudson River VFR Corridor" is a narrow air space above the Hudson River in New York City where flight is permitted under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) below 1,100 feet. The corridor provides amazing views and is popular for sightseeing tours.

Pilots may enter this area with no clearance from air traffic control and are to self-announce entry into the corridor as well as to report checkpoints along the river on a designated radiofrequency. The corridor quickly becomes very crowded. A fundamental rule of flying is a pilot’s duty to “see and avoid” while ATC has a duty to separate aircraft under their control. Kreindler partners Justin Green and Steven Pounian handled the successful litigation of the deadly mid-air collision. The case focused on the responsibilities and activities of the Teterboro air traffic controller.

A number of the aviation accident cases we’ve litigated have resulted in the highest recoveries on record for our clients and their families.

Sightseeing airplane and helicopter accident rates are historically higher than most other general aviation accidents. This can be due to a combination of factors, including poor mission planning, pilot error and air traffic control (ATC) mistakes to weather and terrain issues to mechanical problems, including improper maintenance, and defective aviation products. Additionally, the sightseeing aircraft industry isn’t regulated in the same ways as commercial aircraft, and many companies do not carry sufficient insurance.

For instance, for sightseeing airplane accidents that are part of a cruise ship excursion, the cruise company may be held accountable if the cruise line sold tickets, promoted the tour, signed passengers up, or shared in the profits for the flight.

Kreindler investigators have been able to find the cause or contributing factors of crashes, even when official government inquiries could not.

Whether it is a mass airplane disaster with hundreds of victims or an individual aviation accident with one victim, Kreindler brings the same fight for justice, meticulous preparation, and commitment to every case that we accept.

Our extensive experience investigating and uncovering contributing factors to litigate sightseeing aircraft accidents successfully includes:

  • liability and insurance issues
  • human-controlled factors
  • third-party involvement
  • product failure
  • crash location

Achieving Justice and Financial Compensation for Sightseeing & Tour Aircraft Crash Victims and Their Families 

Kreindler attorneys are knowledgeable in the nuances of successful tour and sightseeing airplane and helicopter crash litigation. In addition to our in-house assets, we also have access to the country’s foremost experts in helicopter aerodynamics, design, maintenance, and operations. While there are many issues to be addressed in dealing with sightseeing and tour tragedies, we are certain that we can provide the legal advice and resources needed to successfully prosecute all claims on behalf of aircraft accident victims and their families. 

In many of our cases, it is noteworthy to mention that our investigations were able to find the cause or contributing factors of crashes, even when the official government investigations could not - or worse, were wrong. While most of the settlements are confidential, several of the cases we’ve litigated resulted in the highest recoveries on record for our clients and their families.

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