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Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Boeing MAX airplane taking off with blue sky behind.

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Kreindler & Kreindler Has the Experience and Capability to Litigate Airline Tragedies Anywhere in the World

Kreindler airplane crash attorneys have earned an unmatched record of success representing people from around the world who have been injured or lost family members in international and domestic airline disasters. International air travel is safer today, due in no small part to the seventy-year legacy of Kreindler & Kreindler’s advocacy and tenacity following aviation disasters.

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We fully understand and appreciate the awesome responsibility of representing victims of aviation disasters and are honored each time our clients put their trust in us.
~ Justin Green | Partner and Attorney
Kreindler Partners and Former Military Pilots (L-R): Justin Green, Brian Alexander, and Dan Rose

Who knows more about aviation law than attorneys who are also licensed, commercial pilots?

Kreindler Partners and Former Military Pilots (L-R):
Justin Green (USMC)
Brian Alexander (U.S. Army)
Dan Rose (U.S. Navy)

We Know, We Fly - Kreindler Attorneys are also Pilots

Our staff of aviation accident lawyers includes pilots, engineers, and a former aviation maintenance specialist. In each case, we assemble a team of litigators, investigators, outside experts, and staff to meticulously examine and prepare all aspects of our claim’s liability and damages to determine the cause of the accident, identify responsible entities, present the strongest case and obtain the highest possible compensatory award for the plaintiffs we represent. 

No Law Firm in the World Has Successfully Handled More International Aviation Accident Cases Than Kreindler

Truly an international practice, Kreindler’s 70 years of legal practice has included injuries, plaintiffs, defendants, cases or litigation involving over 50 different countries. Our firm is experienced in cross-border legal issues, both procedural and substantive, and our work routinely navigates international law challenges such as forum non conveniens (FNC), personal jurisdiction, Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), parallel proceedings and enforcing cross-border judgements.

Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Côte dIvoire, Dominican Republic, England, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guam, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Niger, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Sumatra, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, United States, Venezuela

Our Exemplar International Aviation Accident Cases Include:

  • UNSURPASSED RECORD OF SUCCESS of any law firm for aviation accident law
  • LEADING COUNSEL in nearly every major airline disaster case worldwide
  • OBTAINED THE LARGEST RECOVERY for a single disaster in the history of aviation

Following the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, Kreindler partner Justin T. Green was selected by Judge Jorge Alonso as Co-Chair of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in the litigation against Boeing. Five other Kreindler aviation attorneys were also named to this important committee - Kreindler partners Brian J. Alexander, Daniel O. Rose, Anthony Tarricone, Megan Wolfe Benett, and Kreindler associate Erin R. Applebaum. 

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Boeing MAX airplane taking off with blue sky behind.

Boeing 737 MAX Litigation Update

Kreindler represents 32 families who lost loved ones in the crash of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 operated as Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

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Before the current litigation against Boeing following two 737 MAX aircraft crashes, the most recent major litigation against Boeing was due to the 2014 Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco, CA. Kreindler partner Brian Alexander was appointed lead counsel in that case. Kreindler represented over 100 victims and families in that case, including 20 families from China. Among the plaintiffs and their attorneys, Kreindler was the only firm entrusted with representing the wrongful death victims on that flight. No law firm in the world has successfully resolved more international aviation accident cases than Kreindler.

In the Media

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The Firm that Other Lawyers Turn to

Kreindler’s decades of precedent-setting success in international aviation accident litigation is the reason many clients seek out our firm and why their attorneys trust our team to handle their clients’ claims with the utmost care and an unshakable will to win.

Regardless of how or why a case comes to Kreindler, we are committed to delivering the best possible recovery and the highest degree of professionalism, quality of legal work, and compassion for our clients:

We recognize that some referring attorneys prefer to remain significantly involved in a case while others are comfortable with less involvement. Participation in each case varies with the case’s requirements. Ultimately, we establish our partnerships with other firms to best serve our clients.

In every case referred to the firm, Kreindler shares the attorney’s fee with the referring co-counsel. The fee-sharing arrangement is usually agreed to at the beginning of the case. Contact Kreindler to learn more about partnering with us to serve your clients.

Leveraging Our International Network of Relationships

Kreindler clients also enjoy the benefits of our firm’s unmatched working relationships with leading aviation attorneys in numerous other countries worldwide.

Kreindler obtained the largest recovery for a single disaster in the history of aviation - nearly $3 billion - against Libya and Pan Am in lawsuits arising out of the bombing of Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Our lawyers and staff are well-versed in working with clients and attorneys internationally.  The firm’s extensive worldwide cases have forged processes and relationships that help minimize language, culture, and legal barriers while optimizing the chances for successfully litigating cases in foreign countries.

Photo of Marc Moller in Birch tree forest used in Der Spiegle article
SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL: Boeing's Crashes Expose Systemic Failings

Legendary Kreindler attorney Marc Moller partnered with Kreindler Partner Justin Green to play a leading role in aiding victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Boeing 737 Max plane disaster. To learn more, you can read the 2019 article about the case in the German publication Der Spiegel.

Kreindler Attorney-Authored Articles

Recognized as leading authorities in international aviation accident law, Kreindler lawyers have published countless articles on this practice area. In addition to the resources available in our online Kreindler Legal Library, these are just a few of the more recent examples.

Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, by Justin Green, Steve Pounian

Asiana Flight 214: Disaster and the Montreal Convention, by Justin Green, Steve Pounian

Using the Forum Non Conveniens Doctrine with Foreign Victims, by Justin Green, Pounian

Important Legal Concepts in International Aviation Accident Law

We invite you to learn more about legal concepts in Aviation Accident Law in our extensive online library located here: Kreindler Legal Library.

International Airplane Crashes Demand Experience

Kreindler represents clients from countries across the globe who have been injured or killed in airline crashes. It is advantageous for Americans, and in some cases, foreign citizens, to litigate their claims relating to airplane crashes on the high seas or foreign soil in a U.S. court.

Under the law, the location of the country where the accident occurs is only one of many factors our knowledgeable attorneys will consider when forming a legal strategy regarding potential venues for international aviation accident lawsuits.

Kreindler attorneys are skilled at resolving the jurisdictional issues that can complicate trying cases in the U.S., where court procedures, evidentiary rules, and the law of damages can often be favorable to the plaintiff. However, principles of international law can still be applied by American courts where necessary or advantageous to our clients’ claims.

Aviation Accident Law Books

We wrote the book

Kreindler has literally written the book on aviation accident law. Our partners have authored numerous highly acclaimed books, articles and treatises, including the leading treatise in the aviation litigation field, Aviation Accident Law.

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Call on Our Experience

Kreindler is one of the largest and most distinguished aviation accident law firms in the world. Since 1950, our attorneys have served as leading counsel in nearly every major commercial aviation disaster litigation. Our staff of attorneys includes pilots, engineers, and a former aviation maintenance specialist. The firm has successfully handled countless private, charter, military, general aviation, and helicopter accident cases. Our partners have authored numerous highly acclaimed books, articles, and treatises on aviation litigation.