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Kreindler has represented thousands of victims of aviation accidents and their families for more than six decades. Flying is safer today, due in no small part to the seventy-year legacy of our law firm's impact on aviation industry standards, practices, laws and safety regulations. Kreindler partners have been lead counsel and successfully represented victims and their families in nearly every major airline disaster case since 1950. No law firm anywhere in the world can match Kreindler's track record in aviation accident cases.

Our sole mission is to find out why the accident happened, make sure it doesn't happen again and take care of the family left behind.
~ Brian J. Alexander | Partner and Former Military Pilot

We Understand, We Fly

Our firm's partners include active pilots who served as aviators in the United States Marines, Army and Navy. Our resources and relationships in the aviation industry, at regulatory agencies, among technical experts, and with aviation litigation attorneys around the world is simply without peer.

Aviation Attorneys and former military pilots:
Justin Green, Brian Alexander and Dan Rose

Kreindler & Kreindler LLP was founded in 1950, and just two years later the legendary aviation attorney Lee Kreindler was hard at work for the plaintiffs on the first airplane accident litigation. Kreindler has been at the forefront of aviation law ever since.

Today, Kreindler is renowned as the world's preeminent aviation accident law firm. Our firm has successfully represented victims and their families against airlines, manufacturers, component part suppliers, maintenance providers and other parties responsible for the catastrophic consequences of airplane and helicopter crashes.


We Wrote the Book

Kreindler has literally written the book on aviation accident law. Our partners have authored numerous highly acclaimed books, articles and treatises, including the leading treatise in the aviation litigation field, Aviation Accident Law.

A Highly Technical Specialty

Aviation litigation involves a multi-faceted body of international and domestic laws and regulations. Aviation accidents present complex factual issues, many of which require extensive technical expertise and investigation.

Given these complexities, lawyers must be deeply versed in aviation law and have consummate knowledge of highly technical issues regarding aerodynamics, piloting, engineering, aircraft maintenance, airline operations, weather and air traffic control systems, among others.

Any lawyer unfamiliar with the minutiae of aviation accident law is at risk of being misguided or producing a less than satisfactory result for their client. That's why so many victims, and their attorneys, turn to Kreindler & Kreindler for our unmatched resources and experience.

Kreindler changed the way I thought about lawyers. They were about helping me and my family. I knew I was in the right hands.
~ David S. | Plane Crash Survivor

Whether it is a mass disaster with hundreds of victims or an individual aviation accident with one victim, Kreindler brings the same fight for justice, meticulous preparation and commitment to every case that we accept.

Our partners and attorneys maintain the tradition of excellence that has been the firm's hallmark for over 70 years and counting. The breadth and depth of our experience provides our clients with unique advantages that set Kreindler & Kreindler apart in the field of aviation accident law.

Call On Our Experience

Kreindler's experience covers not only commercial air disasters but private, international, charter, industrial, military and terrorist-related air crashes, as well.

For additional information about the scope of our practice in aviation accident litigation, and to learn how that experience may benefit your claim, contact us today.