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Wrongful Death & Serious Injury

About the facade collapse

Watch the video and read the story in the Boston Globe.

On November 4, 2018, 22-year-old Sonya Bandouil was seriously injured as she and her boyfriend were walking along Harvard Street in Allston — an area of Boston popular with college students and young people — when the concrete top of a one-story building façade collapsed and buried her under large, heavy chunks of concrete. Surveillance camera videos show Sonya and her boyfriend, Alex Pankiewicz, walking past the entrance to the Common Ground Bar and Grill and stopping to read the menu at another restaurant in the same building when the upper façade of the building suddenly came crashing down. Alex and a passersby frantically cleared away large chunks of concrete and rubble to free Sonya. A nurse practitioner who witnessed the collapse from her car rendered first aid at the scene before the arrival of EMTs.

Boston partner Anthony Tarricone and the Kreindler legal team, working with co-counsel Muhammad Aziz of the Houston law firm Abraham Watkins, represent Sonya Bandouil and Alex Pankiewicz in the claims arising from the building collapse. An intensive investigation into the cause of the Common Ground façade collapse and the broader issue of aging, failing and dangerous concrete facades and parapets is on-going.