Kreindler: National Aviation Accident Attorneys

Trial Lawyers for Complex Accident Claims and Civil Litigation

In addition to aviation accident litigation, our lawyers at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP take on the challenges of complex claims in a variety of civil litigation contexts: train, bus and automobile accident cases, maritime disasters, mass tort cases, including dangerous prescription drug cases, construction accidents and many other cases.

Nationwide Complex Litigation Attorneys

Whether your case involves a train accident, a plane crash or massive dangerous drug case including hundreds of injured consumers anywhere in the United States, Kreindler attorneys offer the same level of personalized service tailored to a client's specific objectives and the demands of the case at hand. Contact us to learn more about our client service values and our experience with legal problems like yours.

Founded in 1950, Kreindler has grown substantially in size, prestige and experience over the years. We're the largest plaintiffs' aviation law firm in the United States. We have well-established plaintiff transportation (maritime, train, bus, automobile) practices. We have a growing mass tort practice particularly in the pharmaceutical area. Kreindler tackles complex litigation challenges in many other personal injury, commercial or corporate contexts as well.

We accept almost all of our cases on a contingent fee basis, with specific fee percentages calculated on the basis of such factors as the degree of risk and the number of clients we represent in a given case. We also routinely advance litigation expenses, such as expert fees and court costs. Kreindler assumes the risk of success with respect to attorneys' fees and must win our cases in order to earn our fees.

Kreindler Welcomes Inquiries From Referring Attorneys

Our record of success in complex cases has generated a significant number of referrals from other lawyers. In fact, lawyers refer most of our clients to the firm. We welcome the involvement of forwarding attorneys, who share in the contingent fee in proportion to their efforts and responsibilities.

Kreindler's practice is national and international in scope. We represent clients in federal and state courts throughout the United States, and the people we serve can reside anywhere in the United States or foreign countries. For nationwide client service in aviation accidents or other complex civil claims, contact a Kreindler lawyer.