New York City Construction Injury Claim Attorneys

At Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, we have more than 50 years of experience handling construction injury claims. We know workers' compensation benefits are not always enough to help injured workers or families with work-related fatal accident claims get back on their feet.

Experienced Workplace Injury Claim Attorneys With a National Focus

Kreindler's attorneys are committed to helping our clients secure compensation above and beyond workers' compensation, if third party such as a manufacturer or contractor played a part in causing the accident. Contact our workplace injury claim attorneys for a free consultation.

Handling a Wide Range of Workplace Injury Claims

We have decades of experience helping injured workers maximize their sources of financial recovery. We pursue third-party civil lawsuits, if a party outside of the employer can be held responsible for causing the workplace accident, such as:

Our legal team consults industry-leading experts including engineers, OSHA experts and other safety experts to understand if industry regulations were overlooked putting you and your coworkers at great risk. As part of our investigative efforts, we will interview anyone who witnessed the workplace accident to further substantiate the cause of the accident. All of our workplace accident claims are prepared with enough evidence to prove fault in trial. Insurance adjusters often make large settlement offers for any medical-related expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering to avoid going up against us in trial.

Contact a Skilled Workplace Accident Lawyer

At Kreindler, we are fully aware that third-party workplace injury claims need to be handled in close conjunctions to workers' compensation claims. An error could greatly affect the overall amount of compensation an injured worker could secure. We know the complex interplay between these areas of the law and know how to help you secure the compensation you are entitled. Contact our New York City workplace injury claim attorneys for a free consultation.