Transportation Accidents

Kreindler & Kreindler LLP has represented hundreds of seamen injured and killed on tugs, freighters and other cargo ships. We have also represented many individuals who suffered injuries or death in recreational boating accidents, as well as passengers on cruise ships or on cruise related activities.

Kreindler recently won a significant maritime legal battle. The victory cleared the way for the widow of a Lockheed Martin employee to bring suit against Lockheed Martin for his drowning death in Cayuga Lake in upstate New York. While other law firms who reviewed the case concluded that any action against Lockheed Martin would be barred by New York State Worker's Compensation law, Kreindler argued that the decedent was a Longshoreman who was covered under the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act ("LHWCA") and, therefore, his widow should be entitled to bring suit against Lockheed Martin who owned the vessel from which he fell into Cayuga Lake. The Benefits Review Board, which hears LHWCA case appeals, agreed with our position and, now, the widow can proceed with her wrongful death suit.

Partner Daniel Rose was in charge of this matter. To view a copy of the Board's decision click here.

Morganti v. Lockheed Martin Inc.
» Won the position to proceed with wrongful death suit.

Other significant cases:
» Vulcan Materials Company v. Family of Freddie N. Porter Jr.