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A general product liability claim can escalate into a consumer injury claim, when hundreds of people are exposed to the same products and face similar ramifications. These types of claims often involve global brands such as Toyota and Campbell Soup. The right products liability law firm will know how to prove fault, even against powerful manufacturers and distributors.

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At Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, we have more than 50 years of experience handling highly complicated consumer injury and product liability claims nationwide. For example, we litigated consumer injury claims against Toyota for serious and fatal accidents stemming from push-button ignitions in their cars. We knew how to prove fault and secure a full financial recovery for clients nationwide. Our consumer advocacy efforts may also lead to better designed products and fewer accidents in the future. Contact Kreindler consumer injury claim attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

Seeking a Full Financial Recovery for Our Clients

Consumer injury claims often hinge on expert testimony. At Kreindler, we have the resources to consult industry-leading experts including safety specialists, engineers and medical specialists. We work with them to prepare all of our consumer injury claims with enough evidence to prove fault in trial.

Our legal team also incorporates evidence from similar claims against the same manufacturer to show a trend of negligence. The majority of our cases involve individual claims for our clients. These are often consolidated with other substantially similar claims, which provide our clients substantial advantages in leverage and cost-sharing. In some cases, the claims can be pursued as a class action. We structure all of our claims in the best manner for our clients Our focus on preparing consumer injury claims for a favorable trial verdict helps us secure maximum compensation for our clients. Often, manufacturers prefer to settle and keep consumer injury claims out of the spotlight. However, we are fully prepared to prove fault and take on large manufacturers in trial.

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At Kreindler, we advance all of the expenses involved in litigating consumer injury claims. We will only recover our expenses, if we can secure compensation for you. There is no risk to contact our Kreindler consumer protection attorneys. We offer free initial consultations.