New York City Products Liability Lawyers

Kreindler & Kreindler LLP handles complex personal injury claims that focus on automobile accidents, aviation accidents, medical negligence, maritime claims and product failures. When we take on wrongful death or personal injury claims, we conduct thorough investigations to determine if a product design defect or faulty manufacturing caused the accident at issue.

Experienced Product Liability Attorneys With a National Focus

Kreindler attorneys focus on uncovering all potential liability factors to help our clients get back on their feet with a full financial recovery. Contact our products liability attorneys to learn how our investigative skills can determine if a manufacturer, pharmaceutical company or medical device distributor can be held responsible for the injuries you have endured. We handle cases nationwide and offer free consultations. Some of our most well known cases include the below:

  • NFL Concussion Case
  • Zofran - Birth Defect Drug
  • 9/11 Zadroga Cases
  • BP Deep Water Horizon

Proving Fault Against Negligent Manufacturers Across the Country

Manufacturers must ensure their products are safe before they hit the marketplace. When they fail to meet their legal responsibility, they must be held accountable. Kreindler attorneys have extensive experience taking on highly complex cases often hinging on technical details. We consult engineers, safety experts and other industry-leading experts to prove fault in a wide range of products liability claims, such as:

  • Faulty airplanes, aviation components, warnings and instructions.
  • Defective helicopters and helicopter components, warnings and instructions.
  • Faulty auto parts and automobile, truck and bus design
  • Defective medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs
  • Consumer injury claims
  • Faulty industrial and construction equipment including defective conveyer belts, ladders and scaffolding equipment

Every products liability claim is fact specific. Kreindler will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if improper design, manufacturing procedures, poor safety standards or faulty installation techniques led to the catastrophic or life-threatening accident. We will also seek to understand if the accident could have been prevented by clearer safety warnings. We prepare every case so that we will have the best result possible at trial.

Contact Our Skilled New York Defective Product Lawyers

We advance the expenses involved in investigating product liability claims. We will only recover our investment if we successfully resolve your product liability claim. To learn how we can help you pursue a full financial recovery, contact Kreindler product liability attorneys. We offer free consultations.