Third Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Approval of NFL Concussion Settlement

The three judge panel considering the appeal challenging the settlement between the retired players and the NFL today issued an opinion affirming the settlement. In its comprehensive, 69-page opinion, the judges considered the arguments of the objectors to the settlement, but concluded that "'this settlement will provide significant and immediate relief to retired players living with the lasting scars of a NFL career, including those suffering from some of the symptoms associated with CTE."

The Third Circuit has taken this large step towards retired players finally getting the assessment and compensation they deserve. In doing so, the judges agreed with not just the district court, but 98 % of retired players that the settlement was fair. At this point, while the objectors can still attempt to appeal this decision to a larger group of judges at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals or try to have the Supreme Court hear this case, any such actions are no more likely to be successful than the appeal they just lost.

To view a copy of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion: click here