The Zadroga Reauthorization Act


After more than two years of effort and intense lobbying in Washington, the Zadroga Reauthorization Act has become law.

The Zadroga Reauthorization Act is important legislation for two reasons. First, it reauthorizes and fully funds the World Trade Center Health Program for 75 more years, essentially making it a permanent program for everyone who is currently sick, or will become sick in the future as a result of exposure to the toxic air in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

Second, the reauthorization bill extends the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund for another 5 years and fully funds all past and future claims. As a result, people who are diagnosed with new eligible illnesses can make claims, and people who already have claims can amend their claims if they are diagnosed with a new illness.

Zadroga Act reauthorization means that a claim is never finished until the VCF closes in 2021. A newly diagnosed eligible illness, or a change in personal circumstance, will allow a claimant to make an additional claim to the VCF for a higher award. Here are some highlights:

A person who has never made a VCF claim and is diagnosed with a new eligible illness can still bring a claim;

A person who has a pending VCF claim and is diagnosed with a new illness can supplement their claim for a higher award;

A person who already has an award and is diagnosed with a new illness can bring a new claim for compensation for that illness;

Anyone who becomes disabled from work by an eligible condition (new or existing) can make a new claim for lost earnings, even if they already have an award;

The family of a person who dies of a VCF eligible condition is entitled to compensation even if there is a previous award.

Click here to see a list of eligible illnesses.

We also recommend that you join the World Trade Center Health Program if you have not already. It provides free health care and the easiest path for certifying new eligible injuries in the VCF.

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