Kreindler Settles Complicated Aviation Case


Recently, Kreindler partners Brian Alexander, Stuart Fraenkel and Noah Kushlefsky successfully represented two families against a prominent engine manufacturer and other defendants in a lawsuit arising from a sea plane crash in Costa Rica. Although the Costa Rican investigators concluded pilot error was the sole cause of the crash, Kreindler attorneys refused to accept this cursory conclusion. Kreindler's team of attorneys were particularly suspicious of the probable cause determination in light of the engine manufacturer's significant role in the foreign investigation.

As a result, Kreindler launched a team of lawyers and experts to Costa Rica to inspect the wreckage after it was retrieved from the ocean floor. With the assistance of our country's foremost engine experts and a highly skilled metallurgist, Kreindler discovered that a pre-impact power turbine blade failure contributed to the crash. Needless to say this revelation completely changed the theory of liability in the case and dramatically enhanced the recovery.

Significantly, along the way the firm also won an important legal decision concerning the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) which resulted in the most favorable damages law being applied to the benefit of our clients. The lawsuit was resolved for both families for a confidential sum. This case is yet another example of the Kreindler & Kreindler commitment to its clients. As noted by team member Brian Alexander, "we do not accept anything at face value and will do whatever it takes to obtain the best results for our clients. That includes traveling the globe, questioning authority and investing the time, money and expertise necessary to uncover the truth and win."