Kreindler & Kreindler Partners Interviewed On Tragic MTA Metro-North Crash

Kreindler Partners Dan Rose and David Cook commented to local media regarding Sunday's tragic Metro-North derailment in the Bronx. According to the NTSB the train was traveling almost three times the speed it should have been as it entered a curve and the operator may have fallen asleep. The commuter train jumped the track killing four and injuring many more, some critically.

There are a host of legal complexities that come with the possibility of a lawsuit against a major publically owned railroad line like Metro-North. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority or MTA, owns and operates the rail line. A Notice of Claim has to be filed against the MTA within 90 days.

The Statute of Limitations would be one year in the case of injuries and two years in the case of death.

The firm has handled similar cases involving the MTA.For more information contact Dan Rose or David Cook at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP.

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