Kreindler Firm Response to DOT’s Announcement of Asiana Airlines Consent Order and Fine Stemming from the July 6, 2013 Crash at SFO

Today's announcement by the US DOT that Asiana Airlines has agreed to a Consent Order that includes a $500,000 fine-underscores the serious obligations imposed on air carriers to provide prompt and meaningful assistance to families in the immediate aftermath of an air crash disaster. The tragedy experienced by affected families in the wake of a major crash is compounded when they cannot obtain reliable information about the fate of their loved ones and be guided through the very difficult days and weeks that follow.

While the Consent Order acknowledges shortcomings in Asiana Airline's immediate response, in the weeks that followed Asiana Airlines made efforts to be responsive to the needs of our many clients-providing necessary medical treatment and other support. We trust they will continue to address the needs of those injured in the crash.

We hope the lessons learned from the July 6, 2013 tragedy at the San Francisco Airport prove instructive in preparing all air carriers to meet their important obligations to the flying public and their families should the need arise in the future.