JetBlue Emergency Landing: Long Beach Airport

On Thursday, September 18, 2014, JetBlue Airways flight 1416 had to make an emergency landing at Long Beach Airport when one of its engines exploded and caught fire. According to FlighAware, flight 1416 was 20 minutes into the flight from Long Beach, CA to Austin, TX when alarms went off in the cockpit and smoke filled the cabin of the Airbus A320.

Passengers reported a loud noise followed immediately by the cabin filling with smoke. The oxygen masks then dropped and flight attendants ordered passengers into the brace position for landing. After the explosion, the aircraft made an emergency flight back to Long Beach Airport. The crew deployed the slides on the runway and the aircraft was evacuated. Among the passengers onboard was actor Jackson Rathbone, from the Twilight films. A few passengers complained of medical problems and one was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Dan Rose, a licensed commercial multi-engine airplane pilot, and Stuart Fraenkel, an aviation mechanic and adjunct professor of aviation law, both partners at the Kreindler law firm, litigated an incident involving a hole in the fuselage of a Southwest Airlines flight 737 on July 13, 2009. In that case, a SWA 737 was climbing to cruise altitude at 35,000 feet when suddenly a 1 x 2 foot rupture of the fuselage skin occurred, causing an explosive decompression of the cabin which required an emergency decent. The Kreindler firm represented numerous families of that flight whose claims were resolved for confidential amounts.

Mr. Rose and Fraenkel also litigated an incident involving Alaska Airlines, flight 536 on December 27, 2005. In that case a Menzie Aviation ground support vehicle had hit the airplane while it was on the ramp, resulting in damage to the fuselage. Notwithstanding the damage to the airplane, the flight took off and experienced an explosive decompression event in flight when a one foot hole opened up in the fuselage, requiring an emergency descent and landing. The Kreindler firm also represented numerous families of that flight whose claims were resolved for confidential amounts.

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