Important Notice in 9/11 Terror Litigation: Congress Passes Law that Holds Foreign Governments Accountable for Supporting Terrorist Acts in the U.S.

Fifteen years after 9/11, Congress unanimously passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). The law makes a very small, but important, change to the federal laws relating to terrorism and foreign sovereign immunity. It ensures that the cases of the 9/11 families will be decided on their merits, rather than based upon a narrow interpretation of the Foreign Soverign Immunities Act.

Kreindler has stood with our clients for the past fifteen years in a tremendously challenging litigation to hold those responsible for 9/11 to account. Partner Jim Kreindler is the Co-Chair for the wrongful death and personal injury cases on the Plaintiffs' Executive Committee. Kreindler partner Andrew Maloney serves as Liaison Counsel. They have worked tirelessly with the other members of the Plaintiffs' Committee and advocates in Washington D.C. to push for JASTA's passage.

What does JASTA do?

JASTA is a minor change (really a clarification) to federal law concerning the immunity of foreign countries. Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, foreign countries are not immune from liability for torts that they commit in the United States. In the 9/11 case, however, the court found that the entire wrongful act or tort must take place in the United States for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be held liable and disregarded alleged wrongful acts that occurred outside the country. The court dismissed the claims against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based in large part on its narrow interpretation of the law. JASTA clarifies the law by removing the immunity from a foreign country that supports a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. JASTA will require the court to consider all of the plaintiffs' allegations concerning the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's acts, both inside and outside the U.S. JASTA also amends the federal Anti-Terrorism Act permitting suits directly against foreign countries that commit acts of terror in the United States. The amendments permit suits to be reinstated or filed for the first time against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What is our next step?

JASTA is important, but now we will move forward in proving the case. Kreindler will file new pleadings that will include all of the evidence gathered over the course of the litigation and that has been disclosed by our government and other sources. We will then aggressively prosecute the case.

We are available to answer questions.

We are aware that you may have questions about your case and we are available to discuss any questions from any 9/11 family who is not represented by other counsel in the case. Please direct your inquiries to [email protected].

What is the status of the 9/11 Litigation?

We have represented 9/11 families and victims of the 9/11 attacks in litigation for almost fifteen years.  The cases are pending before in the Southern District of New York before Judge George B. Daniels.  A Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee is prosecuting the case on behalf of all plaintiffs.  Jim Kreindler is the Court Appointed Co-Chair of the Committee for wrongful death and personal injury plaintiffs and Andrew Maloney serves as the Liaison Counsel for the Committee.

Judge Daniels had entered default judgments against some defendants, in particular Iran, and the Committee is in litigation against a number of defendants who have appeared to contest liability.  Judge Daniels has also dismissed claims against some defendants, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on the doctrine of sovereign immunity.  There is currently an pending appeal concerning the dismissal of the claims against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have spent countless hours and millions of dollars in the 9/11 case.

What is JASTA?

The Justice Against State Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) is a law passed unanimously by Congress.  President Obama vetoed the law, but for the first time in his eight years as our President Congress overrode the veto and it became law.

JASTA removes the sovereign immunity of foreign nations that commit or support terrorist acts in the U.S. and also permits claims against such nations to be brought under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

What are the Claims?

Nineteen of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi citizens.  The lawsuit will allege that elements of the Saudi government provided the financial and logistical support that permitted al Qaeda to operate and to conduct the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Can I Sue Now?

Yes.  We will be filing a new complaint against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pursuant to the federal Anti-Terrorism Act.  Any 9/11 victim or family may join the lawsuit.  If you would like retain the firm or have any questions direct your inquiries to  [email protected]

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