Important Notice Regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

We strongly condemn the activities of U.S. lawyers who, according to media reports, have been in Malaysia and China soliciting the families of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's passengers and crew since shortly after the flight disappeared. The activities of these lawyers are reprehensible and their promise of successful litigation in the United States is premature and misleading because no responsible lawyer could provide that advice at this stage in the investigation.

The Kreindler firm never contacts potential clients without their invitation. The legal ethical standards in most U.S. jurisdictions prohibit lawyers from directly soliciting prospective clients. Furthermore, federal law prohibits lawyer solicitation of any kind until forty-five days after an airline accident. Accordingly, U.S. lawyers should never directly solicit the families of air disaster victims, for example by showing up at their homes or calling uninvited, and should not even mail anything to the families until after the forty-five day period has expired. (While it is permitted, based on our own standards we do not send anything unsolicited even after forty-five days.)

If you believe that you have been illegally solicited by a lawyer, we urge you to report the solicitation to the National Transportation Safety Board, 490 L'Enfant Plaza, SW Washington, DC 20594, Telephone (202) 314-6000.