Airbus A-320 Crashes in Sao Paulo, Brazil

A TAM Airlines Airbus A- 320, (Brazil registration PR-MBK), en route from Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo, crashed while landing at Congonhas Airport, departing airport boundaries and striking a building. Fire ensued. All 186 people on board the flight died as well as several more on the ground. The accident is being investigated by the Brazilian authorities.

Kreindler is currently litigating against Airbus in claims arising from a similar runway overrun in Montreal Canada and is also litigating against Airbus in the American Airlines Flight 587 disaster. Kreindler currently represents victims from the Brazilian GOL Airline disaster in U.S. litigation, including the family of the only American killed in that crash. Kreindler has litigated several other runway overrun crashes including two involving Southwest airlines which occurred at the Burbank, CA airport in 2000 and the Midway Chicago airport in 2006.