Afghanistan cargo plane crash kills 7 Americans

On Monday, April 29th at about 7am, local time a National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F, registration # N949CA crashed at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. National Air Cargo flight 102 was heading to Dubai, and crashed shortly after takeoff with seven crew members onboard.

Dan Rose, a former military jet pilot explained that "based on initial information, including the crash video, which shows the nose of the plane pitch up radically and the aircraft then stall and plummet to the ground, it appears that there was a significant shift in the load within the civilian-operated cargo plane."

Six of the victims were from Michigan, and they are identified as Brad Hasler, Jeremy Lipka, Jamie Brokaw, Rinku Summan, Michael Sheets and Gary Stockdale. The other victim, Timothy Garrett, was from Kentucky.

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