Railroad Accident Lawyers

Since 1950, the personal injury attorneys at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP have served the needs of accident victims in complex negligence litigation. If you need advice about your legal options in serious railroad or subway accidents in New York, Boston, in the Northeast Corridor or elsewhere, contact our railroad accident attorneys for a free consultation anywhere in the U.S.

Handling Subway And Rail Claims

Kreindler's record of success in complex accident cases depends on several core skills and values that characterize our approach to client service:

  • experience and capacity for thorough investigation of fact issues relevant to causation, liability and damages;
  • ability to identify and pursue multiple defendants, often under novel theories of liability or insurance law;
  • commitment to personalized client service based on the specific needs and objectives of the people we serve; and
  • outstanding litigation and trial skills on disputed matters of fact and law

Train Crash Injuries

Regardless of the type of train, whether it be a below ground subway or above ground railroad, the injuries victims sustain can be devastating and are often fatal. Kreindler attorneys are sensitive to the needs of clients who are now dealing with the aftermath of

  • traumatic brain injuries, concussions and open head wounds,
  • serious spinal cord injuries, nerve damage and paralysis,
  • fractures and crushed bones,
  • amputations and loss of limb,
  • burns, scarring and disfigurement, and
  • Severe lacerations and abrasions

New York Train Accident Lawyers Serving The Northeast Corridor

Kreindler attorneys advise and represent clients in train derailments, railroad crossing collisions, passenger or freight train accidents, or any other situation involving mass transit or public transportation.

Kreindler offers free consultations, and we advance the expenses of investigation at our own risk. We only recover an attorney's fee if we resolve your case successfully through settlement or trial. To discuss your case with an experienced railroad accident attorney, contact Kreindler.