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Dallas News (4/20/18) Partner Dan Rose on the Southwest Airlines Mid-Air Engine Failure

CNN (4/17/18) Partner Justin Green with CNN's Brooke Baldwin on the Southwest Airlines Mid-Air Engine Failure

New York Post (3/29/18) Partner Justin Green: Helicopter company behind East River crash is selling illegal trips

WCBS (3/27/2018) Partner Brian Alexander: NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Deadly East River Helicopter Crash

WPIX (3/26/2018) Partner Brian Alexander: Pilot in East River helicopter crash blames passenger restraint harness

SLATE (3/15/2018) Partner Justin Green: What Should You Do if a Flight Attendant Tells You to Put Your Dog in an Overhead Bin?

New York Times (1/05/18) How to Check the Safety of a Charter Airline

WBAL-TV - Baltimore (4/20/17) UH-60 Black Hawk Crew Chief Lived Dream

Statesman-Austin (3/29/17) Beechcraft King Air B200 Crash - No Audio on Cockpit Recorder

Jacksonville_icon (2/22/2017) Maritime Wrongful Death Case: Kreindler Helps Siblings of El Faro Victim Obtain Settlement, Pursue Answers


WPIX (02/07/2017) Suing the Saudis: 9/11 families hope lawsuit against Saudi Arabia moves faster in Trump Administration


WPIX (01/17/2017) After 3 years, MH370 search ends with no plane, few answers


TIME Magazine (03/23/2016): Here's the Major Crisis the Airlines Are Facing Now


Wall Street Journal (03/07/2016): Families of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Victims Rush to File Claims

USA Today

USA Today (03/05/2016): Mystery still unsolved two years after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished


WPIX (02/03/2016): One year after Valhalla Metro-North crash: 'If I hadn't ducked, I don't think I'd be here'


WCBS (02/01/2016): The Deadly Dangers Behind Keyless Car Technology

MWDN MetroWest Daily News (1/1/16): Court weighs Framingham police officer's appeal in fatal shooting


WCBS (12/14/2015): FAA To Require Most Drones To Be Registered And Marked


ABC7 (11/20/2015): 7 On Your Side warns of deadly consequences of keyless cars

Sun Sun-Sentinel (11/12/2015): Expert: Pilots of doomed plane may have flown too low to get glimpse of the runway

NBC News NBC News (8/9/2015): Germanwings Crash Families Prepare Lawsuit in U.S.

Reuters Reuters (08/6/2015): Malaysia seeks help, France widens search for missing plane.

CNN M CNN Money (7/31/2015): MH370: Families still not ready to accept compensation.

FOX Fox News (7/30/2015): Attorney for MH370 victims: A terrible day for the families.


Time (7/30/2015):  What to know about the new Malaysia Airlines clue.


WABC (5/14/2015): NTSB confirms train traveling in excess of 100 mph.

FOX Fox News (5/14/2015): Could Amtrak engineer face criminal charges for derailment?


WPIX (5/13/2015): Congress slashes Amtrak funding even as ridership increases.

FOX Fox News (5/6/2015): Investigators: Germanwings co-pilot practiced deadly descent.

CNN CNN (4/2/2015): What's the airline's legal liability for Germanwings crash?

CNBC CNBC (4/2/2015): Lufthansa faces mounting challenges as details of crash emerge

CNN MCNN Money 3/31/2015): Lufthansa's insurers put aside $300 million for Germanwings crash

ReutersReuters (3/31/2015): Lufthansa flight school knew of crash pilot's depression

NYTIMESNew York Times (3/31/2015): Lufthansa Says Germanwings Pilot Reported Deep

CSMChristian Monitor (3/31/2015): Germanwings co-pilot disclosed earlier 'severe depression' to Lufthansa

CNBC CNBC (3/30/2015): Germanwings crash: Whose fault?

FOX Fox News (3/30/2015): What other airlines can learn from the Germanwings tragedy

FOX Fox News (3/27/2015): Prosecutor: Co-pilot's doctor note said he is 'unfit to fly'

CNN CNN (3/26/2015): How do cockpit lock controls work?

ReutersReuters (3/26/2015): Pilot's actions may add to Germanwings' liability in mountain crash

FOXFox News (3/13/2015): FAA: Stop posting videos you take with your drones

CNNCNN (3/9/2015): MH370: Searching for Closure One Year Later

CNNCNN (3/9/2015): MH370: One Year Later: No Answers for Families

CNNCNN (3/8/2015): MH370: Families; Plane Search Should Continue Indefinitely

CBSWCBS (3/9/2015): Pilot Tells NTSB Plane Wasn't Slowing Down Before Skidding At LaGuardia

CNNCNN (3/6/2015): Delta passenger thought he would 'end up dead'

TimeTIME: The Mystery of Flight 370 Haunts Families and Baffles Experts a Year After Its Disappearance

WPIXWPIX (3/5/2015): Close call at LaGuardia: NTSB launches investigation after Delta jet skids off runway

WPIXWPIX (3/5/2015): Aviation experts say LaGuardia has its challenges

FOX Fox News (12/30/2014): What debris field says about crash of AirAsia jet

Business Insider (3/25/2014): There will be a massive legal battle over missing Malaysia Flight 370

FOXFOX News (3/24/2014): Flight 370 investigation intensifies amid developments

CBSCBS/WLNY (3/21/2014): Latest on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

CNNCNN (3/21/2014): Will families of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 get their day in court?

MSNBCMSNBC (3/21/2014): Searchers go to the world's most remote corners to look for missing flight

CBSCBS/WLNY (3/20/2014): Experts weigh in on missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

MSNBCMSNBC (3/20/2014): Latest updates on missing Malaysian Flight

FOXFOXNews (3/20/2014): Massive recovery mission for possible Flight 370 debris

MSNBCMSNBC (3/20/2014): Obama speaks out on missing flight

MSNBCMSNBC (3/20/2014): Search area widens for missing jet

CNNCNN (3/18/2014): No motive in disappearance of airplane