New York City Surgical Errors Lawyers

If you need advice about your legal options in the aftermath of a surgeon's error, contact Kreindler & Kreindler LLP for a free consultation with a New York City surgical errors attorney. Our experience with medical malpractice claims of all kinds can help you understand your legal options for recovering personal injury or wrongful death damages caused by negligence in surgery.

Like other medical malpractice cases, surgical negligence litigation depends on your lawyer's ability to prove through qualified expert testimony that a medical professional's departure from a recognized standard of care caused your losses. You can expect the defense to dispute your claims on any of several grounds: The defendant professionals violated no recognized standard of care, your losses were primarily caused by other circumstances or health problems, or the nature and extent of your losses are less serious than claimed.

Resolving Claims for Surgical Malpractice

Our approach to client service in surgical malpractice cases can protect your interests under a wide range of negligence scenarios: improper patient screening before a surgical procedure, malpractice on the part of an anesthesia professional, improper use of surgical instruments or techniques, failure to prevent known complications, or negligence on the part of hospital staff during postoperative recovery.

Kreindler advances the expenses involved with the evaluation and development of surgical malpractice claims, and we only recover our financial commitment if we resolve your case on favorable terms through settlement or trial. To learn more about our approach to client service in cases of surgical negligence, contact our office in New York for a free consultation.