Mass Transit Accident Lawyer

New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and numerous other metropolitan areas throughout the country have been the scene of catastrophic mass transit accidents.

Our mass transit accident attorneys at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP have years of experience handling all types of mass transit and public transportation accidents. Since our firm's establishment in 1950, we have worked to protect the rights of victims and get them the compensation they deserve. Though mass transit accident cases can be complex, we utilize our extensive knowledge of the law and litigation skills and have had substantial success. Our recent cases include the 2013 MTA train derailment. We are currently representing train accident victims from the 2015 MTA train collision with a passenger vehicle and the 2015 Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia.

Handling All Mass Transit Crashes And Accidents

Do not be intimidated by the thought of taking action against a public entity that may control mass transit. Kreindler works diligently when filing suit against any and all negligent parties, including municipalities, cities and government entities, when dealing with cases involving:

  • Bus crashes
  • Ferry accidents
  • Subway and railroad accidents
  • Taxi cab collisions

In public transportation accident cases, we focus on personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from the most serious or catastrophic accidents, especially those resulting in catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries. We devote just as much attention to the development and presentation of evidence related to damages claims as we do to the facts necessary to establish the fault and liability of multiple defendants.

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