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*Note - we are currently monitoring the California Scuba Dive Boat tragedy and the ship owner's quick filing relating to limitation of liability in order to try and limit or eliminate their responsibility for the 34 deaths. See Scuba Dive Boat Owner Attempts to Use 168 Year-Old Law

Kreindler & Kreindler LLP has represented hundreds of seamen and their families for personal injury or wrongful death damages related to accidents on pleasure boats, tourist boats, tugs, barges, tankers and other commercial vessels for more than 50 years. Our  maritime practice dates back to the founding of the firm and it has never been more successful than it is to date.

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Unlike other personal injury or wrongful death cases, the litigation strategies available in maritime cases must be sensitive to federal maritime law. In many situations, our clients' interests are best served, if we can establish the applicability of the Jones Act, General Maritime Law, the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA), or other statutes and principles of maritime law.

Determining All Sources of Financial Recovery

Kreindler maritime attorneys will analyze the factors of jurisdiction, liability and damages to pursue a strategy best suited to the demands of a given situation. Our goal in all cases is to maximize the financial return to our clients under any available theory of liability. Put Kreindler's experience in handling highly complex maritime law claims to work for you. Contact Kreindler for a free consultation.

Securing Results in Maritime Law Nationwide

  • Partner Dan Rose secured a multi-million dollar trial verdict on behalf of the family of a Moran Towing deckhand who was crushed to death in a capstan on a Moran tug. The three week trial resulted in a 94 page opinion by the Honorable Judge Robert S. Sweet of the Southern District of New York which was affirmed by the Second Circuit . In proving the case, Kreindler had to show that Moran's theory that the deckhand, Ricardo Young, was at fault for his own death was wrong and establish what actually happened. Kreindler proved that the First Mate negligently performed a dangerous "swing maneuver" resulting in Ricardo Young's death. To help prove the case, Kreindler created a very detailed animation (view) which explained how the incident occurred and why Moran's theory blaming the deckhand was wrong.
  • Partner Dan Rose secured a significant trial victory on behalf of a Navy seaman who was tragically killed when a 17-foot training vessel was run over by a 600-foot eight-barge flotilla on the James River in Virginia. The complicated and cutting-edge case received significant coverage in legal papers and throughout the tug boat industry and resulted in tug operators changing their "lookout" procedures. The $1,250,000 award was affirmed by the 4th Circuit.
  • Our firm represented 90 foreign nationals in the United States with claims arising from the sinking of the Sea Diamond near Santorini, Greece, in 2007. That sinking bears striking similarities to the Costa Concordia tragedy in 2012 and raises many of the same complex legal issues. The case settled for a confidential amount in the United States.

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Whether your case is covered under the Jones Act, the LHWCA, general maritime law, or state negligence law, Kreindler can advise you and protect your best interests in the Gulf of Mexico, on the Great Lakes in state waters, or on the high seas. Contact a seasoned maritime law attorney for a free consultation.