Regional Plane Accident Lawyers

Airline Accident Damages Claims Against Regional Carriers

Takeoff and landing are generally recognized as the most dangerous stages of any flight. It therefore stands to reason that regional airlines flying shorter trips account for more than their share of accidents based on number of flights rather than miles flown. At Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, our familiarity with the challenges of personal injury and wrongful death litigation related to smaller regional airlines can help victims and surviving families recover the compensation they need.

Kreindler attorneys played important roles in the last two major regional airline accidents, the Comair Flight 3272 and the Continental Connection (Colgan) Flight 3407 disasters.

Nationwide Commercial Aviation Accident Lawyers

To find out how our experience with regional aircraft accident litigation can benefit you, contact us. Our lawyers' nationwide experience with accidents involving regional airlines can give you an advantage in the investigation, proof and recovery of your claims.

Most major airlines find it economical to fly longer routes themselves and outsource shorter routes to smaller regional carriers. Today, just about half of all commercial flights were operated by regional airlines with a lower cost structure, less experienced pilots and continuing temptations to cut corners in safety, maintenance and inspections.

Kreindler's ability to work effectively with investigators and forensic experts from many professions allows our attorneys to develop sound theories of causation under virtually any accident scenario. This capacity enables us to place liability where it belongs in a regional airline accident: the carrier, a maintenance contractor, the manufacturer or a component supplier. Our law firm's ability to provide individualized client service for people with claims related to the same accident also allows us to protect the value of a given claim by spreading litigation expenses among any number of case files, which results in greater recoveries for our clients.

Kreindler's national airline accident practice dates back to 1952, and since that time we have maintained our leading reputation as compassionate and effective advocates for victims and surviving families. Our firm's attorneys have written and updated the essential legal treatise in this area, Aviation Accident Law (Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender). We also edit the multi-volume treatise New York Law of Torts (West).

Kreindler's experience, focus, reputation, trial skills and commitment to individualized client service will benefit anyone who needs advice about their legal rights in the aftermath of a plane crash. To learn more about our ability to advise and represent you effectively, contact the regional airlines plane accidents attorneys of Kreindler at any of our locations.