National Military Contractor Air Accident Lawyers

Military Air Crashes Involving Private Contractors

Victims of military aviation accidents may have limited legal options. You can't sue the federal government for damages related to a naval jet crash or an army helicopter accident when the pilot was on active service in any branch of the armed forces. Federal law in the form of government contractor defense may also protect contractors providing aircraft, components or maintenance services to the military against liability.

There are, however, other available claims, such as those permitted under the Military Claims Act, important exceptions to the "government contractor defense." Kreindler & Kreindler LLP has won many cases against government contractors that supplied defective equipment to our military and has recovered millions for civilians killed in military mishaps.

In the era of private outsourcing of military functions since the war in Iraq, there has emerged a class of accident scenarios that will support civil tort litigation for personal injury or wrongful death damages and related to military aviation. These cases involve outsourced flights under military support contracts with private companies and Kreindler believes that these private companies should be accountable for negligence that injures or kills U.S. service members or civilians.

National Military Contractor Air Accident Attorneys

If you need advice about your right to compensation for catastrophic or fatal injuries associated with military flight missions carried out by private contractors, contact Kreindler. We will provide a legal opinion on the viability of your potential claim.

Here are some examples of the circumstances we look for to support civil litigation rights in military aviation accidents:

  • Contract to transport military personnel from a stateside training base to an in-country operations area, or between bases in theater
  • Negligent maintenance of a private plane used by private contractors
  • Defective components in a private plane or helicopter used in outsourced military support operations; and
  • Negligent maintenance of a military aircraft by a government contractor

If the aircraft is owned by a private corporation, flown by civilian pilots, and operated under short-term contracts specific to a particular mission or sequence of missions, Kreindler attorneys will then have the opportunity to show how your case should go forward despite any general rules of litigation immunity for military aviation accidents.

National Military Airplane Crash Lawyers

Given the complexity of the statutory, contractual and evidentiary considerations that bear upon the right to civil damages in a military aircraft accident, it is important to discuss your legal options with an experienced attorney. For additional information about your rights, contact Kreindler.