National Plane Accident Lawyers

Experienced Counsel for Major Airline Disaster Litigation

Kreindler & Kreindler LLP has a long history of success in commercial aviation accident litigation. Our firm has successfully litigated thousands of plane accident cases, including personal injury and wrongful death claims against practically every major domestic and international airline.

Kreindler attorneys have pursued liability and damages claims against Boeing and Airbus, the leading manufacturers of commercial aircraft, and the smaller corporations that produce the components and instruments used in long-range passenger planes. To learn more about the scope of our experience and our client service values in major aviation disaster litigation, contact us.

Kreindler is known around the world for our skill and attention to detail in the investigation of air crashes involving major commercial carriers. For example, when Boeing and TWA theorized that a bomb brought down Flight 800 over Long Island in 1996, our investigation pointed toward defects in the fuel tanks as a more likely cause of the accident. Our theory proved true and after the crash, there was an unprecedented inspection of the entire 747 fleet. Promoting aviation safety in manufacturing, maintenance and operations is an important Kreindler objective.

Of greater immediate importance to the victims and surviving families is our firm's ability to deliver outstanding client service while working toward recovery of the greatest compensation possible under the facts of a given case. Kreindler's national plane accident attorneys are frequently appointed — often as the chair — to serve on the plaintiffs' steering committees that direct and coordinate the litigation of consolidated personal injury and wrongful death cases in multidistrict federal litigation around the United States. Clients can benefit in many ways by working with lawyers who are recognized leaders in commercial aviation accident litigation.

Personalized Client Service From Nationwide Airplane Crash Lawyers

When a major commercial airliner goes down, Kreindler often represents many families with claims related to the same accident. This isn't class action litigation; we appoint a separate legal team to work directly with each client family. Each client receives the same level of attention and individualized service regardless of the number of clients we represent. If we represent many clients in a given accident case, however, each client will benefit from our ability to spread the costs of the investigation and lawsuit among them, which leads to greater net recoveries.

Kreindler's record of success in major airline disaster litigation speaks for itself. To learn more about our approach to client service in these cases, contact us for a free consultation.