International Aviation Accident Lawyers

Experienced Trial Counsel in International Aviation Accident Litigation

With a track record of excellence in international aviation accidents, our attorneys at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP advise and represent people from anywhere in the world who have been injured or who have lost family members in airline disasters. Kreindler lawyers and staff speak several languages, and many clients can work with our firm without the need for translation services. We have close working relationships with leading aviation lawyers from other countries. For additional information about our experience with international airplane accident litigation, contact a Kreindler lawyer.

Americans and in some cases foreign citizens seeking legal relief related to plane crashes on the high seas or in foreign countries will find it advantageous to litigate their claims in United States courts whenever possible. Our lawyers are skilled with resolving the jurisdictional issues that can complicate keeping cases in the U.S., where court procedures, evidentiary rules and the law of damages can often be favorable to the plaintiff. Principles of international law can still be applied by American courts where necessary, however, and our experience with international aviation is often the reason clients trust us with their claims.

Kreindler has also been successful in bringing the claims of foreign families and international air crash victims before the courts in the United States, despite the defendant's efforts to transfer the cases to less favorable jurisdictions around the world.

Worldwide Airplane Crash Lawyers Experienced With International Law

Our attorneys know the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions, which govern international air accident litigation. These conventions have specific time limits (different from the statutes of limitations governing other personal injury and wrongful death claims based on state or federal laws) as well as other distinctive provisions that can significantly affect your interests. We recommend that you seek legal advice promptly if you need counsel about your rights in an accident that occurred on a flight that was part of an international itinerary whether the accident occurred in the United States or overseas. Under the law, where the accident occurred may be irrelevant to where the legal action may be brought.

Kreindler's international aviation accident experience covers not only commercial air disasters but industrial, military or terrorist-related air crashes as well. For additional information about the scope of our practice, contact us.