National Helicopter Accident Lawyers

Investigating and Pursuing Helicopter Crash Claims

Our attorneys at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP advise victims and surviving families about their rights in personal injury or wrongful death litigation related to helicopter accidents, regardless of where the crash occurred. To learn about Kreindler's experience, methods and client service values, contact a Kreindler attorney for a free consultation.

Understanding the Differences Between Helicopter and Airplane Accidents

From the trial lawyer's standpoint, there are many important differences between helicopter accidents and other aircraft crashes. For example, forensic investigation of a helicopter accident scene and the aircraft itself tends to produce a great deal of information regarding the causes of the accident - perhaps even more than in airplane crashes. The condition of the rotors alone can speak volumes about what happened and why.

Kreindler attorneys include licensed helicopter pilots with accident investigation training and experience. We know what to look for in the investigation of helicopter accidents under many different circumstances:

  • Emergency rescue
  • Outsourced military operations handled by private contractors
  • Transportation to and from offshore oil or gas platforms
  • Firefighting operations
  • Commuter traffic monitoring and reporting
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Chartered or corporate helicopter operations

National Helicopter Accident Lawyers

With a record of success in aviation accident litigation, Kreindler is prepared to advise and represent clients on a national basis. Contact us for a free consultation about your legal options.