Why should New Yorkers obtain legal representation after a car wreck?

There are several benefits to working with a lawyer after a car wreck, which may help people to obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

Motor vehicle collisions occur all too often on the roads and highways throughout New York, and often cause serious injuries for those involved. In fact, auto accidents result in an average of 136,913 visits to emergency rooms and 12,093 people being admitted to the hospital across the state each year, according to the New York State Department of Health. Many who experience such situations choose to handle the settlement process on their own. However, there are several reasons why it may benefit those who have been injured in car crashes to obtain legal representation.

Knowledge of the state's laws

Claims involving injuries and other damages resulting from auto accidents may seem straightforward; the driver responsible for causing the wreck should be held liable. However, there are legal complexities involved with personal injury actions that may affect people's ability to obtain compensatory damages. For example, the state of New York applies the principle of contributory negligence to motor vehicle collision claims. Consequently, the damages drivers might be entitled to through such claims would be decreased by the percentage to which they are assigned partial fault for causing the crash. Generally familiar with the state's laws, car accident attorneys may help people to understand their rights, options and the laws as they apply to their unique situations.

Further, personal injury lawyers may have knowledge of the associated procedures and protocols, including the state's statute of limitations. In New York, people injured in car wrecks have three years from the state of their accidents to take legal action. Failing to initiate their claims within the allotted time may result in them losing their right to pursue damages. Lawyers who primarily focus on auto accident claims may use their experience to help ensure their clients meet the related requirements and to guide them through the legal process.

Standing up to the insurance companies

While they may feign being on the side of those injured in motor vehicle collisions, auto insurance carriers often have their own priorities when negotiating settlements. Rather than ensuring people are made whole for their losses and their future needs are attended to, adjustors may be focused on maintaining their own bottom lines. Seeking a fair settlement on their own may be a daunting task for those who experience such situations, and they may be pushed into taking less than they are entitled to. Personal injury lawyers, however, may not be easily intimidated, allowing them to look out for their clients' best interests.

Proving negligence

Even in motor vehicle collision cases when there is not shared liability, proving negligence may be a challenging task. In order to show another driver is responsible for causing an auto accident, and the resulting injuries, people may need evidence such as a police report, photographs and witness statements. Attorneys who focus their practice on collision claims may be familiar with the types of evidence that may help support their clients' cases. Thus, they may aid their clients in collecting all of the documentation and other proof necessary to support their claims.

Working with a lawyer

When people in New York are injured in motor vehicle accidents, the effects may be devastating and lasting. Some may require ongoing care, as well as extended time off work to recover. Typically familiar with the types of damages auto collisions may cause, personal injury lawyers may help people who have been injured in such wrecks estimate the extent of their losses to help ensure they obtain a fair settlement.