Who Do You Sue When You've Been Injured in an Airplane Accident?

Finding the responsible party for an airplane accident can be difficult unless you know where to look.

No one wants to experience a traumatic incident when flying. In fact, some accidents occur while the airplane sits on the ground. Although airplane accidents are infrequent, the effects are often devastating, both emotionally and physically. Plus, the financial toll it takes on an individual's or family's life can be overwhelming, particularly if the injuries are serious. When this happens, how do you know who to sue?

The responsibility behind an airplane accident is often hidden. If you don't know where to look, you may point the finger at the wrong individual. In fact, getting a lawyer on board to help you discover who is responsible could be the smartest move you make. A lawyer's expertise opens the door to faster answers and a quicker discovery of the liable party.

Airplane accidents are often the result of error, negligence, or even Mother Nature. Finding out who is responsible is the best way to get your lawsuit on the right track. Here is what you need to consider during your search.

Is it Pilot Error?

Quite often, passengers look at the pilot's responsibility first. It makes sense. The pilot flew the airplane. If an accident occurred, the pilot may have caused it.

Has the Airplane Owner Overlooked Proper Maintenance?

The pilot may not be the owner of the airplane. Therefore, the pilot may not be responsible for the accident, particularly if the owner overlooked proper maintenance.

Is There a Middleman Man Involved?

In some cases, an individual acts as a liaison between an airplane owner from whom he leases the plane and a pilot whom he hires to fly the plane. This person is sometimes referred to as an airplane operator. Unless you have legal experience in aviation incidents, it's not always easy to tell if this individual is responsible for the accident.

Airplane Manufacturer

The manufacturer may be at fault if the airplane hasn't been properly designed. Of course, this situation includes the engine and other areas of the airplane.

Airplane Parts Manufacturer

Although it probably doesn't happen often, manufacturers of airplane parts sometimes sell faulty parts. They may even distribute counterfeit parts. When this happens, the manufacturer of airplane parts may be responsible for the accident.

Repair Facility

Airplane repairs should go through certain procedures to ensure everything is properly remedied. Going through the maintenance and repair logs can help determine if faulty repairs or maintenance is the reason an airplane accident occurred.

Federal Government

Let's not forget the federal government may somehow be involved. After all, air traffic controllers are federal employees. They are responsible for guiding pilots safely through airspace. If a mistake is made, it may influence the safety of the flight.

Figuring out who is responsible for an airplane crash or accident is tricky business. Every case is different, but each one is usually better served when a lawyer is in attendance. Finding out the information you need can take you down a long and winding path that is filled with frustration and tedious investigation. Let a lawyer who knows the ropes help you ferret out this information so you can go about the task of getting your life back together.