Walking in New York? Be aware of pedestrian risks

Pedestrian accidents often result in life-threatening injuries, and are particularly common in busy metropolitan areas.

Whether a person is visiting or a local, countless people walk around New York City every day. Walking is a great form of exercise and good for the environment, and many New Yorkers walk because it can be more convenient than trying to maneuver a car around the city's congested streets. However, walking poses its own set of dangers. When a pedestrian is confronted by a fast-moving vehicle weighing at least two tons, the pedestrian will rarely come out of the accident unscathed.

Pedestrian accidents are a serious concern in New York. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 335 pedestrians were killed by cars in New York State in 2013. This number was higher than any of the previous nine years. Additionally, children are particularly at risk of being hit by cars. In 2012, over 22 percent of all traffic fatalities including children were pedestrian accidents.

Common factors in pedestrian accidents

In addition to children, senior citizens and the alcohol-impaired are among the most likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents, state the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New York City provides a number of common risk factors for those who walk. Most pedestrians killed or injured in accidents walk in congested urban areas. The risk is also higher at night or at non-intersection locations.

The injuries pedestrians face are often catastrophic and may result in long-term pain or disability. These, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, frequently include the following:

  • •· Head trauma
  • •· Neck and spine injuries
  • •· Bone fractures, especially to the legs and pelvis
  • •· Internal injuries

These injuries are the most severe in these areas of the body because of the position of the vehicle when it strikes a pedestrian. The size of the person also matters, which is why so many injuries involve the legs or pelvis.

Pedestrian accident in Midtown highlights unexpected dangers

A recent accident in New York City showed how an accident can occur without warning. NBC New York reported that this past August, two women standing on the sidewalk were struck by a driver who lost control of his car. One woman was released after having injuries to her leg treated, but the other woman remained in the hospital in serious but stable condition. The driver had not yet been charged while the investigation into the accident continued.

You may be eligible for the compensation of your medical expenses if you were injured in a pedestrian accident. It is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible following the incident.