Safety tips for public transportation in New York

Public transportation passengers should know how to stay safe while riding the bus or train.

No matter if you have just moved to New York or have been living here for years, it is always a good idea to revisit safety tips if you use public transportation. There is no absolute guarantee that you will not be involved in a personal injury due to someone else's negligence, but there are certainly steps you can take on your own to better protect yourself and your peace of mind while getting where you need to go.

When boarding

When you are getting onto the bus or train, pay close attention to where you are standing. Specifically, you do not want to be standing too close to the street or the gap existing between the platform and station. With the number of distractions passengers and drivers alike have to deal with, you can easily find yourself either falling into a gap at the train station or nearly getting hit by an oncoming bus. Additionally, let passengers exit before stepping onto the train or bus, as doing so reduces the chances of accidents and doors becoming more clogged than necessary.

When riding

As you are traveling to your destination, do your part to keep the aisles clear so other passengers have plenty of room to navigate up and down them, which goes a long way in speeding things up. If you are standing near the doors of the train, make sure your hand and all other body parts are well away from the doors, as they can close and cause unnecessary injury to you. While doors are programmed to open if they sense pressure, there is no guarantee they will open fast enough for you to avoid getting hurt.

When getting off

As you are stepping off the train or bus, make sure you use the handrails to reduce your risk of falling or tripping, which can happen even if it has not been raining, snowing or anything else that can lead to puddles and spots of moisture on the floor. When getting off the bus, walk well in front of the vehicle so the driver can easily see you before moving. It is also best to stay away from the back wheels of the bus as you are exiting.

In the event that you do suffer a personal injury while taking public transportation in New York, know that there is a chance you have a case on your hands. Be sure to sit down and speak with a personal injury attorney to decide on your best next step to protect your rights and receive the compensation you legally deserve.