Preventing Injuries Among Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are learning the rules of the road and what it takes to utilize a vehicle correctly; however, it's important for them to utilize safe driving techniques while on the road. Here's what you should know about preventing injuries among teen drivers.

Adults tend to joke around about teen drivers, but the reality is that many teenagers do experience car accidents and personal injuries as a result of those automobile collisions. One estimate by AAA says that teen drivers may be distracted as much as 25% of the time they're behind the wheel. This information is incredibly important since automobile accidents are responsible for the majority of teenage deaths. Whether you're the parent of a teenager who drives or you're about to be, it's important to consider how you can help prevent injuries among teenage drivers. Here's what you need to know.

First off, make sure that your teenager takes a driver's education course. Driver's ed is one of the best ways your teen can learn how to drive safely. They'll learn how to turn on and off a car, how to handle a moving vehicle, and how to park appropriately. They'll also learn about the laws regarding driving. For example, they'll learn how to stop completely and properly at intersections, how to look out for other drivers, and how to handle challenging weather when they're on the road. Additionally, a driver's education course gives your teen the chance to practice driving a vehicle in a safe environment with a professional instructor.

It's also important to talk with your teenager about distracted driving. While this is hardly just a problem facing teenagers, distracted driving is a serious issue that affects many drivers. Distractions can include music, friends chatting in the car, phone calls, and of course, texting. Talk with your teenager about ways they can avoid distractions while driving. For example, they may want to drive by themselves when they first get a car to prevent being distracted by passengers. They might want to consider turning their phone off while they're driving so they aren't tempted to text while behind the wheel. If they do need to take a phone call, using Bluetooth is perhaps the safest way to do this; however, even hands-free calls can be distracting to teen drivers.

Explain to your teenager how they can handle an accident if something does happen while they're on the road. For example, what should your teenager do if they are rear-ended while driving? What if they accidentally hit someone? Talk with your teen about how to react. Show them where you keep important vehicle documents, such as your insurance cards and registration information. Additionally, make sure your teen knows how to call the police and that taking pictures at the scene of the accident is important.

Even with proper planning and preparation, sometimes accidents happen. If your teenager is injured in an automobile accident, reach out to a personal injury attorney today who can help.