Retaining the Firm

Our Fees

With a few exceptions, Kreindler & Kreindler LLP works exclusively on contingent fee agreements. Our fee is a set percentage of the sum recovered in the case. If there is no recovery, we receive no fee.

The percentage is determined in each case based on various factors, including the degree of risk involved in the case, the potential recovery and the number of clients Kreindler represents in a case. We strongly believe in the contingency fee as a socially useful and productive means of compensation for legal services.

Forwarding Lawyers

The majority of our cases come to Kreindler through other lawyers who realize that their clients require and deserve the resources and experience that Kreindler can bring to bear in any complex litigation. Kreindler welcomes the involvement and assistance of forwarding attorneys who share in our contingent fees in proportion to their work and responsibilities.

Handling of Case Expenses

Kreindler routinely advances the funds for the investigation and litigation expenses in our cases. At the conclusion of the case, the expenses are paid back to us out of the recovery. Typical examples of expenses include such items as court filing charges, expert fees and court reporter transcripts.

Case Assignment

Kreindler employs a team approach to every case. From the beginning through to the end, each case is assigned at least one partner, one associate and one paralegal. We handle each case individually even in mass tort actions, including major aviation, train or other mass disaster cases.

Filing the Action

The most important decision made in the case is often where the suit is filed. Kreindler always bases the decision on where to bring a case is always based on the best interests of each individual client. Where we will file the suit can determine what laws will govern the case and what judge and what jury will render the case's important decisions.

Client Involvement

Kreindler is dedicated to our clients. We provide our clients with regular reports on the progress of their cases. We are sensitive to special situations and respond to our clients' needs. We have lawyers and staff who can communicate with clients in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin and Hebrew. We give our clients our toll-free number and encourage them to contact our office with any questions or concerns. All major decisions, including any settlement proposals, are presented for our clients' consideration and decision.