U.S. Marines KC-130 crashes in Mississippi

A U.S. Marine Corps KC-130T airplane crashed into a soybean field in rural Mississippi on Monday, July 10, 2017. Air traffic controllers in Memphis, Tennessee said that the plane may have suffered a structural failure at 20,000 feet. Eyewitnesses working on farms near the area in which the military tanker/transport crashed reported that the plane was smoking as it descended and that it "corkscrewed" down to the ground. Fifteen Marines and one Navy corpsman were killed.

Initial reports indicate that there may have been a catastrophic event at high altitude. Debris from the crash was scattered over an area approximately 5 miles wide. There may have been ammunition on board the military craft. An eyewitness reported that the fire resulting from the crash was punctuated by the "pops of small explosions."

The KC-130T flew out of Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh, NY.  The plane was part of the Stewart-based Marine Aerial Refueling and Transport Squadron (VMGR) 452. The local unit is known as "The Yankees."

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